Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My Reaction to Musa Jeng, Mathew Jallow and LJ's articles

http://www.maafanta.com/MusaJengTheCompromise.html He said, a revisit to THe NADD MOU, ADJUST IT TO meet certain criteria and go from their. A bold statement overall, but the first step is making the bad blood evaporate and negative energies vanish. Musa's final call may be problematic, but he should be commended. Cheers Musa. http://www.maafanta.com/MathewJallowonAfricaUDPandPdois.htmlMathew on the other hand was sober in analysing and drawing heart from the Guinea experience. This is more level headed and sound than his earlier attacks. Still, I believe that, a way out can be devise from the hopeless fire fight and academic politics. Our case is far over that.
The time is not anymore about who is saying what, but are we bridging the gaps. let the opinion makers take that into account. I agree and disagree with LJ's position that, we cannot be silent when leaders are talking. I agree that if our dialogue here derail their talks, then something else is wrong. But the way we engage in the dialogue counts. LJ's views are on mark for now, his reactions can be seen as vindicated already, since the fallout from the Sedia press release and subsequent responses may escalate with other parties sharpening their knives. Let us hope, we can all see the big picture, our collective nightmare (the dictatorship).
It is also ridiculous and malicious for anyone to think that, the youths and larger supporters of UDP will sit and let its leader perpetuate himself. I will be among the first to raise my darker. UDP may seem less interested in academic politics, but make no mistake, we're cue in what modern politics is all about.The time to draw closer together is here. And the hope is all big and large players can see the realities.
I hope also political commentators like Baba Galleh, Cherno baba, Binneh, Joe, LJ etc can diagnose the issues constructively for neutrals, journalist to all nudge the opposition leaders. Our democracy is young and facing serious struggles.
If you ignore the situation now, when you feel you are ready to throw your excellent ideas in the ring, remember you will be guilty of self serving. Let us all help clear the landscape, this way, new political parties or those Gambians who may express the ambition to play their part in the public live will be a smooth transition.For the good or worst, we're equal to it.Suntou

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