Thursday, 2 December 2010

England, how the BBC and Times caused it lose the Bid

England the home of football shoot itself in the foot well before the race proper began. The Times so-called revelation and the nail on the coffin of Panorama which added more pain on the Fifa executive, did what many proud Englishmen/women were strongly against, brandishing the squeaky clean image of always doing things by the book.
England, a country i came to admire, funnily, our African former tormentor and colonial masters, yet we student of African culture, traditions and history knows more than many that, Great Britain's path to greatness was not always conducted by the book.
There is no need to list the systematic ways things where done. Today's England is democratic, respect human rights in her borders, promote media freedom etc but that doesn't some English businesses aren't committing unethical business deals. The English press and BBC should have waited with all intent and purpose until the Fifa announced the winner. After all, FIFA will always be there, and the cleaning up of football should never be accompanied by righteous sword wielding. The BBC and the Times made England loose the bid. They hurt the honour of grey haired men, yet expected the outcome to be different.
Hopefully, we can host the 2026. What a lose, imagine the jobs and related opportunities for the country.
As the Mandingo saying goes "you leave the reptile at home and go to the bush to hunt for other reptiles" meaning, you let certain things go for a more better cause.

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