Monday, 10 May 2010


The warring factional standoff
Symptomatic of small country people
The stiff silence, acknowledging the good of others
Fears borders on the fewer bones to pick
The big brothers are complicit in the spread of negative pulses
Lifting a finger, an ink is impossible, simply
It may incriminate you in later life
For instance, if a man from the small country writes an essay or a book
Should all authors, poets, automatically, publicly, acknowledge the brilliant contribution to learning?
To literary empowerment, reading and knowing?
But then, small country mentality dictates that, we keep quiet.
We look around and see, ask. Is he one of us? Do we think on similar lines?

Why complain?
Even religion, which frowns upon excessive praising, encourages
Certain public acknowledgements
In matters of charitable givings
We are told to give in public sometimes, that way, the stingy may be pushed to hand out

The big brothers maintain and ferment the moles in us all
Yet they wish to have it both ways
To cry over intolerance is one thing, however if you are guilty of the crime, then crocodile tears ensues
Getting ahead in time will mean opening up to what is acceptable
The unique cultural, traditional characteristics are means to stand back and view one another as the…

Reserved usually for racial stereotyping
How can the big brothers break the parallel course that many are embarking on
Fake smiles and stares
There are eventual reasons for the big brothers to be upstage
And those fears do notch the big brothers into panic modes:
Seeing the worst, hearing the worst, believing in the worst
In essence, a grand lodge of suspicious small country camp fire is lit
Creating creepy loyalties based on feeble imaginations
The bottom of which crumbles like an anthill
It then ends up with the following query:

Why are you complaining?
If you are guilty of the emotion you are complaining of?
What is the point complaining
If your shell is getting harder by the minute
You are engaging in complain-able actions yourself
There are enough demonstration emanating from you that, no one matters
Hence your regard is for you
You might interpret it as a misunderstanding, however keen observers aren't mistaken
The fact is, we are all guilty in maintaining the closed society we found ourselves in
Anyone who wishes to be bold, frank, open and engaging
Seems to be more often than not tagged with reference bordering on
Showmanship and boastfulness—ill comments rain like thunderstorm

--manic phone talks
Dual face back scratching--
What will the big brothers do? Complain or be the change for the small country people.

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