Friday, 7 May 2010

The Fula Factor In Gambian Politics

Responding to Bailo query as to my mentioning Hasan Jallow's part in the 1994 coup.
It seems that you missed the larger points in my statements. The information I put across is known in some circles, however, I did hasten to say, this doesn't mean Hasan in any way or form took part in the coup or was aware of it.What I express is the fact that, If Mathew can pick and chose who to blame for Gambia's woes, there are also indications that, Fulas he refuse to see in the larger picture are equally to blame for other failures and crimes.
Sir Dawda did indicate in his book that, the Minister who receive him at the airport always debrief him on the state the country is in. Hasan on the other hand did not accompany him to state house let alone told him anything.I am not in anyway retaliating against Mathew. Since your good self have exposed the antiquated political commentator.
I am merely extrapolating situations where people can comment on individual politicians failings without making reference to their ethnicity.In short, the burden of proof lies with Hasan Jallow to clarify what happen the day before the coup. This will help balance the statements in Jawara's book and other quarters. I am sure Hasan is aware of this statements. Remember Hasan was senior officials in PPP and later with AFPRC, his affairs then is of historical importance in our public live matters.

Responding to Mathew Jallow's errors and his statement that, he doesn't know any Fula who has committed crimes or is found wanting in former PPP era.
I have said my quota, however if you are saying No Fula ever held power in the Gambia whose actions impact negatively on Gambians, then you need more research before embarking on sensitive journeys. What about former Attorney general Hasan Jallow, Foriegn Minister Omar Sey, health, Finance Minister MC Cham, Health Minister MC Jallow, Youths and sports Minister Buba Baldeh, Keba Leigh, Yahya Baldeh, Momodou Musa Njie ( A Fulbe Gawlo), Husain Njie , Commissioner Omar Khan whose actions allow more than five men to die in Darsilame village in 1992 when he sent the then disbanded gendarmerie to fight off the land owners unlawfully seized by the Sarahuleh inhabitants to be use as cemetery.

The thugist Basse stationed Gendarmeries beat the hell out old men, some with health conditions without due process. Khan step his foot over the case, when it eventually reach the high court, the cemetery was nearly full.Mathew, we can narrate to you endless such stories, however is there any benefit in doing that and many others? Should the people of Darsilame in Sandou took the crimes of Omar Khan to be a Fula problem?

Mathew, in your honest opinion, are you saying those people named above weren't powerful to influence decisions in favour of people they are allied with? Or are they not Fula enough? Do you know, the 1994 coup happen when Hasan Jallow deputised for Saihou Sabally in receiving former President Jawara from his U.K trip? Hasana Jallow instead of accompanying President Jawara to his state house residence, and debrief him on the state of the country, instead went straight to his house without telling Jawara anything. Saihou Sabally was attending to his brother's funeral at the time. This is why, Jawara was clueless about the coup until he was told the soldier are at Denton Bridge.

I am not saying Hasan Jallow knew about the plan coup, however his departure from protocol was unprecedented. Mathew, you generalise in the ways you put your message across. You mentioned about a certain Mandingo who told, the Gambia belongs to them. Why should you take such irrelevant statement to the general instead of the specific? Your blindness to seeing Fulas in the Gambian discourse says a lot about your agenda.

It will be rather unfortunate for you to alienate keen readers of your materials on flaw propaganda adventures. By all means, continue writing, however remember, we are reading attentively and with our eyes wide open. I thank you for the good things you have highlighted, but am equally appalled by your lack of judgement in matters of ethnicity in Gambian politics.

In the United States, families such the Bush, the Kennedys, in India the Ghandi's, in Pakistan the Bhuttos, in Italy the Balasconis, in England the aristocrats, in Russia the Oligas and many other countries has individuals families whose share of the public cake always far out weigh the rest of the masses. They go to the best universities, get the best jobs, and share power amongst themselves. The historical importance of, "no taxation without representation", the magna carta, the law of the forest and many other unprecedented efforts by the under privilege to level the playing field is continuing. And if you should speak against individuals you feel are usurping or have usurp our national cake unjustly, by all means do so. Do so with reference to their names and the crimes you think they commit.
However, making reference to their tribes will make your message lost in transition.We discuss to find solutions to a common problem, however if your agenda is not to be fair, the discussion becomes futile. Ajaramah Suntou


Anonymous said...

Stop babbling nonsense. Both YOU and Mathew have a strange fixation with the trivial issue of tribe. You are both stinky tribalist.


equally you are a tribalist by not responding to Mathew on behalf of Gambians. And by hiding your identity, it seems you support Mathew's foolish attack on Mandingos.
Remember, if Mathew can insult Mandingos, and a genuine person like you complain of my responding to Mathew, then you are no better than him. For me, I shall respond to any Gambian or non-Gambian who insult others base on their ethnicity or race. I don't care which coward hides and blame me. So for all I care, Mathew is the criminal who refuse to be honest with his analysis of Gambian politics. And I know folks like you will get wound-up because you feel the same way he does, but you are too scared to express what he is saying.
On the other hand, I write and expose the Mandingo traditions, if anyone get hurt by that, then you need help since I am not attacking anyone or insulting any tribe.
So go ahead, call me any name you deem appropraite.