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The link above has some of his narratives.
Below is my response:

Brilliant notes Masoud. Perhaps you should do a rejoinder to editor Mathew for the benefits of non-Gambia L members.

As I said before, if Mathew can once and for all deal with his constant tribalo-politico fixation, all his messages will be fine. I believe, he is a great person, however, he has build up an aparent non-existent fear of Mandingos unnecessarily. Should he be able to discuss Gambian politics without the endless Mandingo this, UDP should be inclusive and so on, he can add to the current debate a vital contribution.
UDP has lots of Fulas -Yahya Jallow--- May be Yahya is not Fula enough for Mathew, Femi Peters, May be he is too Aku, Ebou Manneh A Balanta, Nyassi our youth President working with the grassroots etc. And the efforts ongoing including lots of youths in the decision making process will involve all sections of the Gambia. Mathew should do a bit of research on UDP before always lamenting on why they should include Fulas.
Remember Hamat can turn on more voters than some of the guys he mention. Who is more Fula than Hamat and his team? We will even put Mathew in our executive should he wish to join the new efforts. The UDP is open to all Gambians, however no one can force anybody to join politics.
Mathew should know, the bigger problems is far larger than, tribe A or B.
This reminds of me of reading about Charles Taylor's rampant killing of Mandingos in Nimba County and many other areas. His reason was because when he commences his rebellion, Mandingos refuse to join him. His divisive strategy was rejected, Charles Taylor then resort to targeting the Mandingos of Liberia. It was not until the community show that, without collective intervention, Taylor was committing ethnic cleansesen did Alhagie Kroma form his resistance movement countering Taylor back to Monrovia, forcing him to enter peace talks.



A Similar thing occurred in Ivory Coast. When Alasana Watara was denied the right to become President, the open targeting of Mandingos forced the army to split the country into two.




So the records are there for Mathew to look into should he so wish. Hardly did Mandingos go on open hostility in any region of Africa. The slender population advantage should never cause endless writers to commit cataclysmic errors in probing fears of a peaceful people. And i know similar narratives can be said of many Gambian tribes.
Yes there are words/statements within each tribal groups which does not anchor well with other tribes, however at the bottom of all those statement, there is no ill intentions. If Mathew take a serious look at the assimilation and inter-absorption of people, his fears will quinch themselves. How did we have abundant Tourays, Ceesay, Jannehs and so as hardcore Fanafana Wollofs? How did we have countless Camara as Manjakos or even Jolas proud of their heritage.Hence some of the people Mathew might be counting as Fulas are in fact culturally Wollofs. Which sides should they take?
In fact, it is us so call secular educated folks that ferment subliminal tribalism, not the struggling ordinary people. In they consider such politics, Yahya should never cross a 4% vote margin.
Our faiths taught us to reject factionalism/tribalism, and the leadership of UDP has demonstrated that. Darboe's leadership doesn't mean Mandinkas own the UDP. I doubt if the the man who started the famous drinking parlour in Basse teacher John from Sambang should be branded a tribalist for naming his beer/palm wine den as Sambang.

We can't eliminate the signatures we are born into. No amount of progressive thoughts can take us away from being born into Tribes and cultures which varies to a degree.
Should we fear Essa Bokar Sey for calling himself Masena Toro? Should we fear brothers with open Fulbe Names, Galleh (compound) Gainako (herdsman) Bailo (blacksmith) etc? I believe, the urgency is tackling a manic totalitarian, we shouldn't try to justify or appeal to tribal sentiments. This is not to say, we shouldn't celebrate or conduct our private affairs in Fulbe culture, Manden culture or Wollof/Serere traditions. This is not to say, those who enjoy Jola music or Wollof dance are tribalist, that is what tinge their emotions.
Diversity is a phenomenon no one can eradicate. Yes some will say language is just a medium of communication, however, the reality is that, it is much more than that. If it is simply a medium to communicate, then the adoption of cultures within tribes too shouldn't make sense. But we know this is impossible. Those who have adopted Wollof language, by virtue pick up Wollof culture and verse vice for other language groups.
And another serious area for Mathew to contemplate is that, Folks like me with peculiar Mandingo name were in fact from very mixed background. And this can be said of many people I know right here in this forum. Mathew is under estimating the complex structures we have in the Gambia. To his credit, yes there are those who are very passionate about who they are, Mathew is no exception here. He is a proud Fula, but many don't have any problem with that.
I hope Mathew can write without threading the tribal line always. I for one enjoy reading him, but the dots of inherent fears embedded in him is a disturbing recurrence.

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