Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sanna Sabally's infamous Gambisara visit

I can still remember vividly the day my uncle narrated the infamous event to me in Sutukonding, Sedia Jatta's heart land. Prior to Sanna Sabally and his thugish army boys tour of the URD now URR, there was some communal unrest in one of the biggest Sarahuleh towns, Gambisara. The trouble in the town was over a Mosque affairs.

Some of our Tablique Jamaat brothers may recall the founder of the movement in the Gambia, may his soul rest in Peace. He is originall from URR and he wanted to build a new mosque to promote the Tablique Jamaat methodology of Dawaah.
The old guards in the town were strongly against the building of that mosque.Hence the stand-off. I am sorry to add, but there still remain the division of communities into different caste, even in Banjul I am told.
The influential family members, this is according to my uncle, decided to task their slaves, not the old fashion concept here. But slaves non-the-less, to discipline any one they found attempting to work at the new Mosque site.
To resolve this problem, some elders in the whole of Basse and its surrounding towns and villages form a delegation of wise and learned elders. The delegation was so inclusive, you had--influencial Tucklours, Fulbe Futas, Mandingos, Jahankes, Sarahulehs etc to descend in Gambisara on a burning hot summer day. In fact, they said the heat was so hot, they have to relocate to the outscart of the town under a big shaded tree. Among the elders are well verse Imams with their students including my uncle.
To their chagrin, they show a dust coming their way. The four wheel motorcade was none other than, Bairo Sabally. According to them, the chairs they provided for other elders were never used. Sanna sent all the elders under the sun. He place his booted feet in one of the chairs and launch stinking attacks on the elders. At some points, even insulting. Some of this respectable elders resort to hiding their faces.
Sanna after he was satisfied, again load enough dust on the elders and drove away leaving many shaken with disgust.
This is the parts to Sanna we need to also remember. Even to this day, the elders can recall the unfaithful Summer day.
Not also foorgetting about the 3am radio broadcast of the killings of Basiru, Dot Faal, Nyang, Sey and others. I recorded Sanna's voice from the radio seed broadcast. He was frantic and menancing. We should never respect killers, under old laws, they should be hanged.

Again I can see the rational of your argument. However, Sam Sarr we all know love his name and titles. Hence, to clear his name, he will stop at nothing. Do kejau knows whether his name will soon emerge in the narratives of Sam Sarr.
Didn't we all read the account Kejau provided here of Chongan? Before Sam mention others in his diatribe, I think Chongan should intervene, he should tell Sam, this is between you and me. Leave others out.
We the non-soldiers are brought up in Wannas and environments were, however angry one gets, you do not reveal personal secrets against friends in the public. So if soldiers can fail such small test, God help us.
This is why Chongan most break his silence. He should take on Sam in ways that can bring a good ending to the ugly episode. I will not buy any statement that, I am a respectable fellow. I will not engage in petty squabbles. You are already in it. Stop Sam before he emerge with part four and five. We have seen some writers defending Chongan and believe me, Sam will respond to them should he feel offended.

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