Thursday, 22 October 2009

Why Yahya can never change

Below is an excerpt from that Independence Stadium rant: 1994
"The enemies of African progress, the illegitimate sons of this country disguise themselves in the form of journalists, in the form of freedom fighters, in the form of human rights activists BUT they are all illegitimate sons of Africa – Get rid of them! The so called journalists, they are very vulnerable. You can send them into the streets begging when you don’t buy their newspapers – they won’t function! "So they depend on you. Don’t allow the mosquito to suck your blood, father! I tell you no lie! One day I was looking at a … something you call newspaper, and I saw a big headline – ‘DETAINEES STILL DETAINED HERE.’ When I looked at the headline I said ‘Yeah, they are still detained here – what can you do about it?’
"They talk about Human Rights, an issue they don’t even understand. And I will tell you what Human Rights stand for: It is an illusion, a fallacy that is non existent anywhere in this world; It is a western machination to manipulate Africa, and I will tell you each letter of Human Rights what it stands for.
"The ‘H’ stands for Hoodwink – You all know what hoodwink is, to blindfold people!
The ‘U’ stands for the Universe!
‘M’ stands for Manipulate!
‘A’ stands for Africa, And
‘N’ stands for African Nations!
"They hoodwink the universe, manipulate the African nations! When they hoodwink the universe, manipulate African nations,
the ‘R’ stands for – to rip you off, they rip you off of your gold. After hoodwinking the universe and manipulating African nations, they rip you off of ideals, so that Africans will have no ideals but will follow their exported ideology that is meant to create wars in Africa, famine and starvation. We will never accept that! To turn some Africans into stooges so that they can always continue to manipulate us… We the AFPRC are saying that we will die but we will never let them suck our blood again.
"Tell me any country where there is so called human rights and people are not executed – tell me! In most of the so-called western types of human rights, those who uphold the so called principle of Democracy – When you go to their jails, Africans form the majority of all the inmates. What types of rights are they talking about? So you see the fallacy in human rights? We will never accept it! "I told you I will not talk about traitors because they continue to hang themselves. They will run but they will never hide. Their days are numbered and they know about it. Anybody under the AFPRC who steals even a single dime, you can go to wherever you think you can be free, you will never sleep, and you will come home either dead or alive – but you will never enjoy this world and in the next world you will burn! "And I will tell you, this is what the so called champions of human rights, of course they are champions of human rights, because they are enemies of Africa. But I will tell you what your rights are: Your rights are to live in peace, equality and prosperity. Anything that belongs to the nation, belongs to all of us. We have a right to development! As far as we are concerned, you are free as long as your freedom does not encroach upon the rights of others. If you encroach upon the rights of others, you can never be free and we can never respect you. The law is to deal with you! We are running a state! We are not running a financial company! We are not running a cowboy camp! We are not running a hippy camp! What we are running is a nation of human beings, where people are equal. If you think that you are going to use outside ideology to disturb us, what you are going to face will be worst than death.
"Gambians! This is a warning to all Gambians! We are Africans, we are Gambians, we are soldiers! Any patriotic Gambian is a soldier because you defend this country against injustice. We have passed the stage of appealing to people. If you want to be a donkey, we will treat you like a double donkey. If you want to be a human being, we will treat you like a human being. There is no compromise, and no nation outside The Gambia can do anything about it! "If you want to be free, don’t steal! If you want to be free don’t be a crook! If you want to be a free man don’t advocate for violence. Because when violence comes your bones would be in the air. People think they can use pressure to force us into elections?
We can tell you, if we don’t want election in the next thousand years there will be no election. And those who want election, we will make sure that you go six feet deep, and there is nothing anybody can do about it!" This piece was deep out by Baba Galleh. A good piece of history.

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