Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Let Gambians voice their opinion against the unjust plan to remove the African human right commission from the Gambia. The Gambia is not own by Yahya neither he is going to be the head of state forever. There moval will cost lots of people their jobs and livelihood. In as much we detest the APRC government and its dictator, we shouldn't support the plan to remove that structure from our country.Yahya can die today, tomorrow or may even be remove from power. Those that mean, the commission will be relocate back to the Gambia? Let the African humaN right commission stay!!!.

Lot of people express support for the commission's removal, but they are failing to see the big picture.
here is my reason for advancing the commission msut stay:

This is just a sample of how complicated our continent is. Now for us as Gambians, our national affairs takes precedence, but which African country is better than the other on the human right front?The African human right commission knows full well, Jammeh was referring to us Gambians with his usual threat of murder. Jammeh will never kill foriegn diplomats. We all know he is a coward par-excellence, therefore, he targets soft touch defenseless Gambians.The commissoin remained in the Gambian after 14 students were murdered, the commission remained in the Gambia after the hero of Pa Samba and many others here was reppeatedly arrested for no just reason, the commission remained in the Gambia whilst Jammeh made several comments of burying Gambians six feet deep. Why now?The jobs i was sympathising over are that of the ordinary cleaners, messengers, clerks and jobs handled by Gambians without any political attachment.The APRC employees are by and large dependable on the politics of Yahya and his band of thugs. The African human right commission must stay in the Gambia and expose human rights abuses left right and centre. Activate the civil society, distribute leaf lets, organise symposiums by inviting a cross section of politicians and student bodies.They can either stay and fight for a just Gambia or run away to another African country with questionable human rights records.Jammah can be put under intense pressure by the commission in providing legal aid and advice to victims of the Jammeh administration witch hunt against its opponent. It is too late in the day for the commission to run away.... But if majority of you folks feel the commission's removal will serve a political lesson, then i go along with your noted observations. But as Yero and LJD commented, it is early days, lets wait and see.

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