Thursday, 29 October 2009

A complete Disgrace: Colonial laws use against Gambian/Africans

The Gambia gain its independence some 40 years ago, yet to this day, ancient colonial laws which were legislated to slow down or derails Africans quest for independence is still being use in the tiny republic of the Gambia. The country's so call patriotic Pan-Africanist president never hesitate to launch at western powers, yet he two time with their old fashion, outdated draconian laws.
No wonder some people always go on praising the high intelligence of African dictators. This is no compliment but open and arrogant selfishness. After independence, all laws which are inherently against human rights and the progress of society should be eliminated. It is a disgrace for the Gambian president to still continue allowing unfit and unsuitable laws to exist in an independent African country. What an irony!!. Alas, we are doomed.:
The APRC government is using colonial laws to deny Gambians a constitutional right to assemble. Who would thought, just few weeks ago, Jammeh was ranting against former colonial powers for unfairness and what have you at the U.N, yet he is conveniently using their outdated laws against the Gambian/African people he was patronising. A dead bit president, dictator of highest excellence.The behaviour of the APRC government clearly shows their cowardice and lack of confidence. If you believe to be strong and wise, patriotic, then allow your opponent to challenge you on equal terms. Jammeh has always use poor souls to fight his battles, whenever he comes to the realisation that, he is no longer a baby, let him stand up and allow decent people to exercise their rights.
Any day he allow the state own TV and Radio to broadcast freely to Gambian people the views of civil society, that day Jammeh can claim to be man enough to rule the Gambia. All of Africas murderers were found to be terrible scared little souls, they use poor soldiers, sycophants, and half-baked loyalist to intimidate and harass defenceless people.
This will not go away, The UDP will continue to stand firm from now on, whatever happens, good or bad, Yahya Jammeh is to blame. Because of decency, we as Gambians don't want to spill the blood of our brothers and sisters. Evil dictators drove Africans into committing bloodshed, there are many ways to get even.

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