Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Sarahulehs: It is not just about the money

The Sarahuleh community has a tag that hardly changes from people’s consciousness whenever they are discussed. The tag or cliché is that, they are mainly interested in money hunting all their lives and that money is more important to them than many other life requirements.
Well, this is not wholly true. The ethnicity like others does marvel and take pride in material gains and successes. However, the community’s quest for wealth is for beneficial purposes mainly and also prestige. This is the same for all other tribes. We all want to be wealthy and comfortable. Wealth is a measure of success and power. It generates respect and command.
The Sarahulehs like others also have time for pleasures and entertainment. In fact Sarahuleh men are among the best dancers in the West African traditional cultural arena. A few selected videos from youtube will clarify that point. I place this in the public domain to mainly show the other side of the Sarahuleh people in order that the money money stigma can be balanced and refocus.
The musicians are mainly from Mali, the ancestral home for the Marakah (sarahuleh) people.
Lassana Hawa
Dalla Diallo
Bintu Soukho
Halima Toure
Ganda Fadiqa (poet and genealogist)
These five famous Sarahuleh musicians are only the few I came across, there are many more available. Although not a Sarahuleh personally, I have lived and attended primary school with them and know the culture and people quiet well. I hope the contribution is not seen in a patronising manner or in a negative light, should that be the case, I sincerely apologise in advance.

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