Wednesday, 29 April 2009


By Suntou Touray
Life, a mirage; a halo gaze at a distance seems existing, yet upon getting closer none exists. In similitude to a group of people sailing in a boat; collectively, mentally gazing the perfect picture of their suppose destination with hopes of making the sail smooth and quick. Yet each individual holds to their own self-interest, much far away from the collectivity of sailing with others. In sum, they all manage it quiet comfortable whilst others struggle to maintain a balance.
The difference within, is the mirage; how much we gaze superficially the faces of others seemly comfortable along the sail while we find it rough is quiet interesting. The tides at sea is unpredictable, therefore the party we thought are safe and steady can come upon the fiercest wave and stumble within split of seconds, thus realities of similitude becomes prevalent. The sudden and unfortunate turn of events creates new conditions, some may still be comfortable whilst others distressful. Yet we began to learn the bitter truth that even heroes have some level of fear at some point and thus you are not alone as the weakest link. What we don’t know is that every traveler in that boat encounters some form of fear like every day endeavors. The fear that the boat may capsize or leak, is always a stack reminder. The panic about the many uncertainties at sea may cause individuals to fall victim to their own down falls. Life in essence can be like a lone man in the boat. The act of sealing leakages in a boat whilst sailing can be a daunting task as a precautionary measure to prepare for the unpredictable, yet the sail must go on for there is a distination to be reach and the leakage must be stop despite the hazy gaze of the mirage ahead. The balancing act is the crucial task every traveler must master.
However, maintaining good spirit and peace of mind in the midst of commotion and uncertainty is attainable by remembering the originator of everything. Keeping him in mind and being thankful and obedient makes every uncomfortable boat journey manageable.
Never think for a second you are the only one facing difficult times. Countless others are going through worst. Just like the many sailing along with you. You only know about yourself, in which case, you may feel that God have forgotten you in his bounties. Like many things, no situation is permanent, changes occur swiftly at the very least when you don’t expect them. Remain thankful, sailing at sea is always a learning process, the curves determine by the weather and the patterns of waves. God is always with you on every single strike you take. Don’t gaze at those who are well endowed with what you long for, “be careful what you wish for” it may be a mirage after all. May the Almighty make this life easy for us all and make us obedient servants.

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