Monday, 6 April 2009


Seeing God In Your Face: by Suntou Bolonba Touray
Hey wajibee , the way your foe-head shines, I can see God in your face.
Enquire the bemused stoned man.
Again the confident looking slim kaftan clad seriegn wanabe, repeats.
I mean, you are not an ordinary person, your face show me something.
I can see your future. Not an ordinary future. You will be successful and probably be a leader of some sort.
I can see all that clearly.
How, asked the man?
Well, that is a knowledge God blessed me with. I can’t describe how it works.
The man still confused and surprised, continue asking, but God! In my face!
I am very worried now.
Oh don’t be worried the travelling Seriegn said assuredly.
The lecture begins with:
You know my great Gran father was a Walli. I am from a family of Talibes.
Our family is blessed with hidden knowledge and wisdom.
We only tell good people about their future, you happen to be one of the few great men I meet these days.
The man couldn't’t take the nonsense any more.
He frowned and said angrily. Get away from my sight. How can you know my future and see God in my fore-head?
If you have such skills and power why wondering about like a confused drunkard?
The pretender Talibe got gross as well. He started swearing and making loud threats. He even threatens to send his swamp of Jinns against the bemused stranger.
But alas, it was falsification and mind game at best.
You may have meet or show some strange folks walking about in Serrekunda, Banjul and Dakar telling people that they see God in them.
Sadly some believe in this blasphemous utterance and sometimes hand over some precious cash for nothing.
No one has ever seen God and GO about telling people about it. Neither does any mortal human resemble God to the extent that insane men can see him in people. Even the prophets of GOD never see him in this life. None of the great companions and scholars of the past has ever mention doing or seeing strange things that our own contemporary fake Talibes claims to be capable of.
It is stated in a clear Hadith that, the highest form of worship is fearing Allah or God as if you can see him. That statement is meant to place man in a state of complete concentration in his/her worship.
It is also stated that, as soon as man stand to engage in act of worship, there the enemy Satan commence reminding people about worldly affairs, this is natural to man, as we are not in complete control of minds and senses.
No one has ever seen God or his likeness, so how can some pretenders in Gambia and Senegal go about telling innocent people, I see God in your face?
Observers states that, these men who go about lying to people about seeing God is due their unstable mind. This men it is said engages in devilish incantations trying to acquire unnatural powers. This Satanish incantation affects their mind and pushes them to delusion and paranoia.
The interesting twist to this story is that, the early teachers of the said Talibes never lay claims to seeing God or the Prophets. Seriegn Bamba never said he show God, Nor Malick Sey, Baye Nyaas or Bukunta. How can nonsensical Talibes go about lying about the powers they gain from the doors of the past Senegambia Seriegns?
To conclude, no human beings has ever seen God or can tell us how God look like, so to claim of seeing God in people’s glittering faces is as absurd as one claiming to be God. People should not even entertain listening to insane devil worshipers.
Note: this peice is a reaction to claims from different people that, in our streets in Banjul and Dakar, some Talibes go about deceiving gullible SeneGambians who are too amass in marabout culture to the extent that, mad men deceives them. Some of this weird Talibes are from the area of Buduk in Senegal and other areas.

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