Friday, 3 April 2009

Gambia Association Coventry meet the City's Lord Mayor

On the 26Th of March 2009, a three member executive council of the Gambia Association in Coventry City England meet with the city's Lord Mayor. We were invited as part of the minority awareness dialogue group.
I went along to the occassion with Mr Saine Singhateh our Treasurer, Fabakary Samateh in White Kaftan seating with a group of other nationals. Saine was standing with me along side the lord mayor in traditional necklase.
Coventry being a very typical English city, is very much conservative and less multi-cultural. For that being the case, the lord mayor and his city council came to the realisation that, minorities add to the city vital socio-economic benefits and also enrich the culture of the city inhabitance. This effort to bring an understanding between minorities of varied ethnicity and nationality will breed cordial and mutual respect.
We were entertained by the Cameroonian musical traditional group. The event was memorable and beneficial to all representative. Our respective community needs were discussed, and a strong plans of actions was put in place.
The sad episode was the departure of community coordinator Mrs Tina Mistry. I have personally worked with her on various aspect relating to the Gambian Associations needs and services. Sadly her contract ended and she has to depart. We wish her well.
The Gambia Association Coventry is moving on well. Although it is difficult to unite Gambians, but our efforts in promoting Gambian culture and tradition is going from strength to strength. We have already put a task force in place to start teaching Gambian kids our languages and history, since some of the children start asking questions about Africa and Gambia in particular.
Long May our unity prosper. Amen.

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