Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Stinking Fart Of A Dictator

When a dictator farts, the stench affects everyone. When we say, let us see beyond our petty differences and take care of Yahya Jammeh, some people fake-ly nod in agreement. However self-delusional that may be, we are all in the mess. Yahya Jammeh want to take over all Money transfer businesses like he did with other Gambian base businesses.

 He is secretly talking with Western Union according to inside sources. But what he is failing to understand, many legitimate money transfer businesses were operating secretly, and they will all go back to operating secretly, which means, the state will lose out big time. But in the meantime, the stupidity will affect us all. Whether you sit on the fence or you speak or act against Jammeh, whether you say Jammeh forever, or not, his evil smell will drown us all.
President Jammeh has been tampering with the foreign exchanges prizes just to suit his pocket. He buys currency cheap, and allows the prize to rise and then sell. Then the prize is force down, he buys and then allows few weeks for the prize to stabilise, then he sells. He careless, whether this is in Ramadan, Koriteh, Tobaski etc..But it is our Gambian bitter pill; we may as well swallow it.

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