Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Let His Excellency have a breathing space!!

Banka Manneh is attacking him, Pa Samba picketing his US mansion,Jallow Mathew, compiling his victims list, Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh,Mai Ahmad Fatty globe trotting exposing his crimes, Sidi Sanneh even has new blog, focusing his eyes on him, whilst Pa Nderry M'Bai Newspaper, calls him all sorts of names...not to talk of Essa Bokar Sey's mic and critics, Fatou Jaw Manneh's oilly fingers also at it. Now when can his Excellency relax and chill out? Ramadan came and is going, you haven't relent. Some call him Tony Dabaa, some call Buki amna almet, he is accused of not functioning down there. Bamba Mass and Demba Baldehscrible on him also, the pressure is too much...
Hence our H.E reaction saying "western foods make some Gambian men impotent". Do you guys remember the rumors that, H.E's kids aren't his hard work, and that they are product of some soldiers...His Excellency has big ears and wide eyes. All your character attacks hurts, it bleed his heart. It makes him sleepless and restless. This is bad for his health, give him some break, at least for the one day of fasting remaining. Guys cease fire!! It is a Command from the secretary of Gambian spiritual healers, aka the Gambia Marabout Association (GMA). Thank you

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