Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Black Africans Are Not Muslims for Arabs

We are not Muslims for the Arabs. Some non-Muslim Gambians and Africans tend to look at some privilege Arab Prince or Kings and attempt to insinuate that, they are wild and bad, hence indirectly we Africans should reconsider Islam. 
Some will even comment 'Look at what that Saudi Prince or Kuwaiti Prince is doing', which means, indirectly, even Muslims do that evil. If western Christians misbehave, is that the business of African blacks Christians?
For the record, those Arab Prince, Kings, Princess and so-call Royalties need Allah like anyone. They have no place in the Islamic tradition. If a Prince live wild and party hard, that is his business, hence, Islam is a Universal faith which does not belongs to any family, country, or dynasty. So please, take your Arab Prince sinning to the doors of the Arab Prince, may be such Prince lived all his life in America, Spain, Or England. May be he doesn't know silt about Islam.
Muslims are not guilty for the sins and crimes of others. The noble Quran states that, "every soul will bear the responsibility for its sins and mistakes". Our God (Allah) is very merciful, forgiven and always eager to accept the servant who turn to him in repentance. The political turmoil in the world are all big business underneath. From colonialism to slavery, it is nothing BUT for control of people and their resources, and of course, the big business need partners in our lands.

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