Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Man

By Suntou Touray (first published june 2008)
It’s not about the colour, the man

Love for everything

But the man

The Mercedes, the suit, The shoes

the tele, The dress and the computer

It’s not about the colour, the man

The hair dyed with the colour

No problem

The leather sofa

The different cars

Party and respectable occasions

The colour is seen

So it is NOT about the colour, but the man

Yes, the black man

He is the problem, not his colour

But why?

May be we haven’t done enough stamp our footprints

May be we are bad competitors

May be we are less ruthless

May be we are less determined

May be we are too perceive and soft Yet our statue, so strong

Evidently we are not united

Factually we are divided

It’s not about the colour, the man

We will not be loved unless we love ourselves

Man is dignity and dignity is respect

Do we want dignity and statue?

Do we want grace and honour?

Let us look into ourselves

The solution is there

No more blames

This world is hostile, stand firm you win

Are we standing?

Are you standing?

You see what matters is our collective success and respect

Let’s do it, we can

Amidst total failures, individual successes is miniscule...Stand for Black progress, not slogans

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