Friday, 12 August 2011

The Ever Rebel Mathew Jallow Fires at PDOIS Strong Man Pa Samba and His Ancestry

I saw Pa Samba's comment on the L, but it does not bother me. They will try to discredit anyone who disagrees with what PDOIS stands for. But I know for a fact they all regurgitate some of what they read on Foroyaa; they and PDOIS's use of word and phrases like; "principle, program, policy", "stakeholders", "masses," "architects," "destiny" etc, all of which are so old that I just want to puke when I see them used repeatedly over and over again in a single article or report.

And when PDOIS says they resolve "to go on a nationwide tour", I am baffled; really? where? Apart from Sere Kunda East and Wuli they have nowhere else where people will listen to them for one sick minute.

Also each time I see phrases like "the Central Committee......" in their writings, I shudder with terror. This is because it was the way all the Socialist regimes of the 1970s were structured, and their regimes used the exact same lingo, eg; the Central Committee of Supreme Soviet Socialist Republic; the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist party etc. etc. These words and phrases always remind me of the hardship, the extremely unbearable conditions the socialist countries lived under when I was growing up. Millions died or better still, were executed and when the Soviet people travelled abroad, they always did so in groups, and they were always accompanied by Russian agents who were there to make sure their people did not talk to the people of the countries they visited, or that they don't abscond and seek refugee status in the countries they visited, which very many did anyway. Just look at any youtube videos of North Korean or Cuba to give you an idea what socialism does to a country and its people. I saw the Soviets all over Europe back then, and they all dressed alike, and shabbily might I add. It was just such a pathetic to behold. That is partly why I have made it one of my life's missions to fight to make sure we don't have a Socialist regime established in our Gambia; at least not in my life time.

The other thing is, people who call Ousainou Darboe tribalist don't know him. I know him personally, we are the same age group even though he is a little around 11 and 12 years. He is a decent person, and all I want for him to do is to be more assertive in his political life. If Darboe realy wanted to, he could turn The Gambia upside down and inside out and make it totally ungovernable for Yahya Jammeh. That is how much power he has if he if he really cared to that route. Jammeh will have no option then but run back across the Casamance border where he comes from or find himself caged in our country just like Hosni Mubarak.

BTW Suntou, my great grand father left Wuli and migrated to Niamina as a young man and left family members in Wuli. So we have relatives in Wuli, just we dont know them anymore. But I don't know how long they lived in Wuli after the fall of the Masina empire in Mali where my ancestors come from. If you go to Niamina and ask for "Wulingabe" they will bring you to Sare Gainako. During the Musa Mollo reign my grandfather Gainako Jallow brough his cousin from Wuli and installed him Chief of Jarra East in Barokunda. He and his son, last chief Sekou Wuli Barrow, were Fulas before they became Mandinkanized and I beieve they were jalso Jallow before they became Barrows. And interest bit of long so long history.

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