Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Crime of the Belly (Why Some Gambian religious Scholar are close to the dictator)

In fact, what is happen with faith leaders in the Gambia is a crime of the 'belly'. When Ibliss, upon whom is the curse of God, saw Adam laying in the state of clay. He was angry and jealous of him. Ibliss with his apt for canniness, poked Adam at his... Belly saying "this is where I will get him". So you see, if religious leaders want the comfort of the world more than others, they will twist the scriptures to suit the tyrants. We still have good ones who will never compromise but they lack voice.
Scholars of the past never sit at the doors of rulers however good they may be. Because, the concept of power corrupt was perfected in different darsahs (religious gatherings) in the Islamic states of the past, to such an extent, Ibn Taymeeyah was jailed for refusing to serve a Caliph, Imam Malick refuse to serve as a Cheif Judge, he was severely beaten, and many many more others. However, what our current Imam fatty's and Momodu Lamin are doing is using an analogy by deduction.
They weigh the pros and cons of being distant from a tyrant who do religious speak with open ignorance. They premise that, with their closeness to him, they can influence his assault on Islam in the Gambia, because if they don't, he will create even worst sell outs. I disagree with them, because the dictator Jammeh is using them instead for his callous political image refinements. Such is live, but since we have sanyang kundas as Imams, what do you expect? LoL

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