Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pa Nderry Need to Learn Radio Manners

Hi Pa, it seems that, your understanding of democratic dispensation and free exchange of views is bias when it comes to UDP supporters. I hear you mention my name and claimed that, we don't want anyone to attack Ousainou Darboe. Attacking UDP Mandingo members is counterproductive.

You are wrong and the assertion are unfounded. You have lived in America for 8 years and in that duration, you would have seen Senators, Congressmen and women, The President responding to claims against their personality. And by extension, his press secretary, key loyal supporters and pundits defending them as well questioning them slogging it out.
That is the live blood of free exchange of views. If a man speaks against another, why should he fear a response?

Mr Ousainou is a politician as well as Barrister. He cannot accommodate all the invitations of private Gambians. It is only for that spirit that, some us as UDP members respond to claims and allegations.
The allegation of your Guest, Alhagie Faye was made in a public forum, a Radio broadcast. Similar sentiment was uttered against OJ, he is is U.K and was contacted instantly by Seedy Ceesay to rebuff the lies. Why didn't you do the same when Mr Faye made the insinuations?
A serious broadcaster never take lightly statements of his guest, from all main stream American talk show host to the ones in Europe. If you want to emulate such personalities, then try to be balance and cordial with your views and guest.
I have no problem even if you mention my name and make claims against me. I can defend myself instantly. I know you will not give me the air mile to correct the claims, however, I can use other means and avenue to remedy the situations.

On the basis of Tribalism on our part, Pa are you serious at all about the crimes in the Gambia? If you feel that tribalism is when UDP supporters question claims on the media, then you need a serious reflection on the subject.
Tribalist never want to be confronted. Your behaviour smells of such. Why can't you have ALhagie Mustapha and any UDP supporters debate at the same time. This is what Seedy Ceesay did. And your guest Mr Faye, refute his earlier statements himself.
He said, he never said Darboe is a Tribalist and on the issue of Jammeh's bribes, he said that was all speculations. Yet when we came to talk as Gambians, you start screaming and making fuss over that. Who is the Tribalist now Pa Nderry?
Your personal attack on Ousainou is fine, however, remember, we have the rights just like you to say you are using a bigoted mirror to analyse Ousainou.
Why must Ousainou step aside to proof to you that, He is not a Tribalist or power hungry? Why should he hand over to Hamat Bah or some Wollof to proof to Pa Nderry that, he is not tribalist or the UDP is not Tribalist?
DO you regularly listen to yourself?
You should use sober responsible journalism to carry your message. Making false accusations against me or UDP supporters will not take you anywhere. Your free speech is recognised by us, however, do you recognise our free speech?
I challenge you to have all sides of the Radio debates on together if you are seriously interested in Uniting Gambians. How can you be attacking Mandinka UDP members and claim that you are not a Tribalist? All we want is neutrality from all those claiming to be journalist. Be fair, invite Alhagie Mustapha day, night and evening, however, to be fair to the other sides, invite members from the sides he will talk about the opportunity to respond. That is what constructive free speech is all about.
You cannot have people who will cowardly make statements, and pretend that, responding to them infringe on their rights. Why do you think it is you a Wollof demanding that, Ousainou a Mandinka give his place up for people all non-Mandinkas signify Pa Nderry? It expose the underlying bitterness you manifest against Ousainou. You did your best to make Alhagie Mustapha join in your unnecessary lunacy, however, he was restraint and careful, that was why, you went out of your way attacking Ousainou's legal profession. I wonder if you are standing up for your family member in the trade? All sincere and mature Gambians, no matter how much they dislike Ousainou will agree to his legal standing.

Western democracy is what it is today because they give pundits the opportunity to speak, however, members of opposing sides have instant rights of response. These can be seen in BBC radios, CNN, ALjazeera, etc. We don't fear your criticism, however, give us the opportunity to correct them, if you can't then ceased claiming to be a fair and neutral radio host. By the way, I enjoy your laughter's..Keep it up.



Pa should understand that, unless he believe that, his radio station is his tool to lie and expect no response, people will counter his lies and childish out look whenever he spit them. If his Alhagie Faye is speculating, why shouldn't his speculations be dumped where it matters? Nderry should know that, his views is not unchallengeable neither his the fact that, his radio is so powerful that, people don't have alternative platform to counter him.
Pa Nderry's claim of tribalism on our part is sick. His own attack on Darboe is manifest of such sick habit.
Pa Nderry, you cannot use your radio chat and expect that, your right is above us. It is your right to say whatever you want, but it is also our right to put you in your place. If you give Mr Faye the right to make claims which are lies, why are you childish about what UDP supporters have to say in regards to your one sided Guest program?
So now Ousainu Darboe is not a good liticator Pa Nderry? I wonder what you aim to achieve. Now who is the tribalist? Your guest is your full of shit who when place under prerssure couldn't back himself up. However, people like you can only prounce without people present. Why didn't you call Darboe and let him speak with your Alhagie Mustapha?

It was Seedy Ceesay who wish to get our side of the story. We have refuse to come to Radio program because it is not worth our time. If the presenter Seedy feels that, he is free to invite whoever he wants, I now know he is mistaken with all the nonsense a graduate of mass communication like uttered.

One would hope that, your editorial balance would have improved and that, your intermixing of your person with your paper would have stop. But it seems, your personal vile is still entrenched. If our appearance on your radio is causing all your foul utterances, I think you need to check your head. We were very calm and understanding to Mr Alhagie Faye, because at the end of the day he is entitle to his opinion. However, he too should never fear hearing the other side. If Obama has people who speaks for him regularly, why should you be rattled over our clarifications of Mr Faye's peculations?
A so call inclusive Gambian like you is a step backward. Why did you ran away from the Gambia if your heroism is above everyone Pa Nderry? A sensible journalist would know when to stop talking, but you never grow. Darboe's legal career span before you can read or write, a sensible journalist would first try to verify such records before making stupid claims.
Your insecurity is legendary. Why not have one of us with Alhagie Mustapha, since he is a nonentity like we all are. Let us have him Pa, you can ask whatever you want. Be brave and do that.
You cannot protect your bigots. If we are tribalist, then you and ALhagie Mustapha are suidally tribalist because you use a public communication means to attack people. WHy are you afraid to have UDP members on your Radio? WHY Why Why Pa Nderry?


WHo is ALhgaie Mustapha Faye, what is his records on our struggle Pa Nderry? What makes his views more important than us and the rest of the Diaspora Gambians? So it is you Pa Nderry who is a bigot because you refuses to allow us to counter your personal farthings, and bullshit. Carry on, if anyone makes a claim, he/she should expect a counter claim. That is what democracy is about. If you foolishly interpret that to mean, we take Darboe seriously, so be it Pa. Obama or his close aids don't seatby and allow lies against him. SO we shall never allow half baked self-adulating, low level editor like you to prevent us scrutinising opinions. No opinion is beyond scrutiny...We have been approaching other parties, all seekers of truth would have confirmed that. But hey, who doesn't know the under lying ramifications of our struggles?
Be brave and have us with your VIP pundits, your sarcasm will be put its place.
Your Radio and paper are different from you. No matter how much you dislike certain individuals, let them have thier say Pa.. If you guest came with your nothing tangible in their heads, why not stop the program instead of chating and lying? Freedom of speech and expression are sacrosant only if they are not use in blanket. Remember, you are free to say whatever accusations you want, however, remembers others too have the same right to counter your views. I hope that would have peneetrated your head. Any serious Gambian wishing for change can lead his/her own movement.