Saturday, 14 May 2011

The feud Between me and Editor Pa Nderry is over

Few days ago, Myself, Bamba Mass, Seedy Ceesay and Pa Nderry had a very constructive radio program were the difference of opinion between us was resolve. Editor Pa was very reasonable and open minded. Seedy Ceesay and Bamba Mass played a pivotal role in bring us together.
As I opined, there is no personal problem between us. It was a matter of difference of opinion and less important issues overriding the bigger focus.
I am a law abiding resident of the United Kingdom and a keen observer of international politics and global events. Where and when necessary, I make blogpost on some of those issues.
I am also an ordinary member of the United Democratic Party. However, I also have to recognise that, people may find me a focus of attention because of my open support and advocacy for the party.
I commend editor Nderry for his maturity in expressing the readiness for his radio to engage all section of the Gambian community. We at the UDP with the party leader Alh. Ousainou Darboe welcomes constructive criticism. The parry stands for pluralism and divergent views. However, we also encourage the fact that, our views should also be given an opportunity of response.
The Freedom radio is also not beyond criticism neither the Panelist and participants. We are all Gambians who see things differently. We encourage that, the personal affairs of people be left out of our discussions. Public live issues be our central focus of attention.
Finally, thanks to Pa Nderry Mbye, Seedy Ceesay and Bamba Mass. Let us now move on.

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