Sunday, 22 May 2011

Assumptions about me

It has been assume that, I studied Arabic and later learn English. In fact such is not the case. I learn Arabic like many young Muslims to be able to recite the Holy Book and understand the Muslim faith. I did my study from Primary to Junior Secondary In English. I was at St' Geargoes Junior Secondary In Basse, later to High School in Serrekunda, the MDI for two years and then England for my Accountant and then to University and Markfield for Banking training. I am a modern democrat who take part in social action in a peaceful way. As the Coordinator of UDP U.K, I interact with diverse section of society including Gambians...I detest injustice in all forms and manners, however, I believe that, only through peaceful means and dialogue can we solve our local and global problems. I admire the Western system for its perfect order and motionless high tech operations. Africans must work for respectability by first respecting themselves and directing their anergies towards improving their lot.

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