Sunday, 16 January 2011

Looking After No 1

Toiling all day in sweat and fatigue
Awaken candle lit desk
Pursuing greater things
Hard at it then I pass!
Journeying in the mood for progress
Certainty prevail in acquiring the requisite qualifications

No 1 became ready for jobs, titles, power and fame
life is good!
I gaze to the left, and then right
Why left first? Who cares
I saw a multiple sad faces, looking tired and unable
Some vision anger, others fear intense
Insecurity abound all over

I have just arrived, I muttered
Searching for better prospects from anyone or anywhere
Then i see a few collected guys, happy!!!
Unperturbed by the tense surroundings
In their hands, I saw good jobs, multiple wives and beautiful at that!
Cars, decent houses mortgaged and a bit on the side for the weekend
You know what I mean
I acknowledged them
Yeah, looking after No.1 is good
Indeed I have arrive under the armpit of the tyrant's garden

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