Friday, 21 January 2011

Criticising Gambian Opposition and The lack of active involvement. Falaye 2

A week is a long time in politics and talking about unity, Falaye is aware of things happening under his nose, hence zip it on that. We have enough weekly Tele conference with every serious UDP member in Diaspora every Saturday for two to three hours.Whoever have a serious issue to discuss, the platform is there adequately.
However, you don't have to claim you are PDOIS or APRC. I understand some can sit tightly on the fence and wish for a level playing field devoid of harassment, human rights abuses, equal access to TV, Radio and a free press etc without being part of any political group. This is possible and I know brothers who are working toward such goal. I have attended demos with some of this folks.However, you cannot curtail any discussion here or any where in the cyber space.
Referring to Rambo's conduct can include all those who did what he just copy.

His predecessors are many and there will be others. It is the reality of dictatorship.This is prevalent in Sudan, Algeria, Syria, The South Americas and Africa. Even in Europe people cross carpet, however, for those, they do it with good intentions, not knowingly join a criminal organisation that at best operate a shadow government. Sulayman Darboe, Mr Sambou and some others are perfect examples of bad apples who can't stand the heat. Falaye on the hand is destructive and countering the efforts of his so-call party. If he is not satisfy with the party's choice of candidate, doesn't he know what he should have done?
Genuine Democrat who oppose Obama during the primaries rally round him after his selection. You try to work out things inside your camp. Do I think that, you will find any problem with his double standard misninforation, I don't think so.
There is no need to create a false myriad. Falaye should air his grievances directly to the UDP executives, UDP able youth leaders, MPs, Yayai Compins, etc. He may influence things through that.I careless what you have to say about the UDP. I have no problem with the criticism of those who are not calling themselves UDP members. But you don't build a house and slowly start setting fire to it. I have listened to Falaye on a couple of occasion, sometimes I thought Pa doesn't have any other independent voice to speak with about the UDP instead of the duo who are seriously disconnected with current affairs of the party. No wonder Sedia and Halifa said, we "youths in Diaspora know nothing about the situations on the ground." Their assertions that, we criticise them without lending any form of support is true.

Obama raises his campaign funds from ordinary people and donors. Who is donating to counter the Yahya Jammeh free bank? How many Gambians will decline a D50,000 when offered on political grounds? Come on, who will? Let alone when the amount is in hundreds of thousand.Now, we in the opposition don't have any such money, but we can at least fuel our vehicles, visit supporters country wide, attend their ceremonies, talk to them. This is the slow process that can counter Yahya.
Gambians are not militant in a serious way. Calling for mass demonstration is a far fetch idea. Let us speak with the opposition leaders, encourage them to visit voters, donate to PDOIS, UDP, NRP. The easy blame game is only absolving us of involvement, yet when folks who spend their own resources, sacrifice it all for change commence to be corrupt we renew another line of attack.Gambians can't have their cake and eat. Ghana, Nigeria have companies now that can do the Europe-America political donations, we don't. South African has businesses that donate heavily to political parties, we don't. The few individual donations are not enough to counter Jammeh's long hands. We all see him shamelessly handing raw cash on TV.
Is this kind of politics new? Hell no. PPP big wigs use to do it, Jammeh took it to a higher level, with maximum exposure. Then it use to be bags of rice, few hundreds. Let us continue blaming the opposition, it will bring miracles. Yes, they need to be reminded of the urgency we are all facing. But what is your part in it. You don't even have to back any opposition by name, just scramble for votes for them in your own way.
The military are enjoying for now. Can we depend on them to rid us of Yahya, it is a wait and see. How of them do we have with us in Diaspora and how many have we ever heard making plans to do the revolution for us? God is our saving grace, He is always with us, and in Him let us depend and do our quorter. Thanks

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