Friday, 21 January 2011

Calling the Gambian Oppositions as Dead and Falaye Baldeh attacks 1

I thought each of the opposition parties and the ruling APRC has witness cross carpeters over the years. Hence Badou is miss informed on his party's cross carpeted folks. I can recall Sulayman Darboe, a young candidate for PDOIS who rented in our home and then deflected to APRC, One Mr Sambou who left PDOIS even went on to reveal Halifa's eating habits. Rambo with all due respect was chosen as the youth leader as a gesture to his suffering and the outward potentials he demonstrated.
The party was alerted by a good member in Bakau on Rambo's shortermism agenda. He was monitored and sidelined. Our Youth leaders have toured the country twice without him.He never toured with the youth leaders, hence we were prepared for his actions.It is sad to see his short term ambitions get ahead of his sound reasoning. However, Rambo whatever compel him to join the slow killer of sick HIV victims, shall surface clearly later. This brings me to the frequent chat on Freedom radio by a guys call Falaye Baldeh. This man is calling himself a UDP supporter whilst he knows he is not. His assume commentator title on Gambian politics is fair game but let him be honest and call him what he is.Serious supporters of UDP advise the party through the internal mechanism.
Falaye will not divulge on his marital woes in the open, he will not relate his short coming in the opening, why does he think calling himself a UDP supporter and never hesitating to say rubbish will do?If he is so militant, what stops him traveling to Gambia, mobilising the supporters and youths and face Jammeh? What money does the opposition have that Falaye is talking about? We know who is pushing him with the pretentious blah blah.
Politics like all human relations goes through ups and downs, but to hide behind friendly lines whilst being an enemy is the lowest case of evil manifestation. He is entitled to his opinion, but please let him speak as non-UDP supporter, so that, his criticism will make sense, instead of taking serious listeners for a fool. He has left trails and his associate have also left trails. When did Falaye extended his hand of support to the UDP?When did Falaye wrote or spoke to the Executives on his worries and suggestions? If Falaye thinks that our opposition should invite Jammeh to a street fight, I will expect him to travel and join in the preparation of such a move. The oppositions can do with the support, encouragement, criticism and presence of all those calling them dead. What have you done to enliven the dead oppositions?
What suggestions have you demonstrated to tackle the dictator with a gun, tank and foreigners ready to kill for him and escape to the other side?Instead of crying Woolf, be constructive, join the line, fight. How much money did Obama get and spent to get to the White House? You are unwilling to act and yet quick to blame.
How much support did Ouattara get financially to move around Ivory Coast? People were ready to spend to make them travel. Going on the streets on Banjul, Serrekunda can make a difference, but politically, how do you expect the opposition to fund their campaigns well before elections. Western Democracies have state funding, yet we want democracy but not with our direct involvement. Your advise is as good as your loyalty and dedication to assist, then you can blame. Falaye is pretending on the Freedom radio. His crocodile tears makes no sense.
The UDP allows, encourage constructive criticism by its members, channel through the party hierarchy. If the likes of Falaye are not helping strengthen the base of the oppositions, that have no access to the radio, Television, money, and hardly any editor will publish critical comments about the regime, what help do such an opposition require? Gambia is not the property of any opposition politician, hence those unhappy are welcome to form their warrior party and lead the charge, hopefully, our hunt for martyrs will happily come to pass. In Tunis, people were ready to act, they didn't just sit in far places enjoying the niceties and continue saying things, they went out. With or without the opposition, it is a fact that, people can act.
What are Gambians waiting for? You can be the martyr if you chose, we will happily inscribe you on our chest. Come out guys!!! This is not to say, their are no rooms for improvement, however, do your quoter as well. Everyone needs some form of encouragement in dealing with difficult political climate. Partisans will obvious be critical of each other, but members within the same party require a civilise constructive internal process of dealing with grievances not the Judaising form of retributions. What our tongues twist, our hearts manifest.

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