Wednesday, 15 September 2010


An interesting clip. The PDOIS duo seems to be having soft spot for the Junta members going by the speech,

They may reject joining the military government but the coup wasn't bad at all from the words they uttered.
Below is the Video transcript:
Sedia Jatta’s views During a Swedish TV interview of the Military Rule 1994-1996
“the outside world should take note of what is happening here internally. All that they can do is secondary to what we can do. Even if they have millions and billions of Dollars, as long as the conditions are not propitious to change, Dollars cannot this place. As long as we are working to bring about the necessary change in spite of the difficulties to bring about the necessary change, the outside world should take note of that.
Of course the (Junta) may have limitations of how to manage society, but they will not deliberately destroy this society, because they are part and parcel of this society. So from that point of view, one can deal with them, one can communicate with them, until such time that they see reason of transferring this set up to a more acceptable set up, which is a democratic government.
Halifa Sallah Voice to the Swedish TV crew during the Military Rule of Yahya Jammeh
“If any ambassador had been following events properly, unlike many countries, here people have been vocal, they didn’t just accept things as they are, people have been challenging the situation to a point where they have establish a relationship of respect with the government which exist, and that is the most you can expect from a government. And where there exist such respect, it can be converted into something else, into the basis for national dialogue to solve the problem.
The voter registration is full of fraud. Places like Serrekunda which has over 200,000 people has no street names and proper addresses, which mean a voter, can register in any place. Since it will be difficult to have proper elections, therefore it is essential to constitute an electoral commission which will look into electoral fraud and in shaping a good electoral system. Now is that one suggestion...”

The fears within the journalistic community is that, the boys will leave a better legacy if they go back to the Barracks, but hanging unto to power and transforming themselves will make them know power has its draw backs.

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