Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Paradox of the Dictator's Children

The Boy who wants to belong and be Cool
Spuro’s helplessness stinker all the neighbourhood. Wandering aimlessly, glancing from left to right unperturbed by the loud horns. He wishes to find a saviour, a perfect superman.

Spuro is a weak guy himself, however he apportioned his cake neatly amongst his cousins and near friends.. Everybody he came across feels just like him—impotent, but mischievous.
Whenever he eats to his full, the first thought to square in his skull is shout. That has been around his vicinity since childhood. The common currency is screaming and slapping one’s chest in happy and sad times... getting noticed is all that matters.
But for Spuro, he doesn’t think by himself. The imaginary love seeking spurns him to say daft things. The coy on lovers would giggle, hoping that, the enemies don’t caught them and conning Spuro doesn’t get it either.
Every now and then, he would scream his lungs out customarily fire balling the audience... Micheal Bubele is Maad. Passersby would say, yeah right, you need your behind checking. However, since Spuro is courting the neo-twins, in which case no one have to tell the other what to think of the others. The others are just anyone who is not the twins’ period. They will cover their mouth and mutter, well done Spuro.
Then a few weeks will pass, Spuro will tug into wet maize meal, with clumsy okra soup. The delicacy has always reawakened his faculties to unreasonableness. After drowning a few glass of juice, his taught will wander to attracting the attention of the difficult audience, the neo-twins.
Spuro would scream, Bamba Dala is a woman!!!. On lookers will surprisingly shake their heads, feeling disturb by the foolish noise. But Spuro’s main aim is to again attract the attention of the Twins, yet no public endorsement. Sad and dejected, he will retreat back into his shell, curiously hoping, the neo-twins will tap him on the shoulder and say, ‘buddy, thanks, that was brilliant’. But it never happens.
Spuro’s slave mentality regularly lands him in contradicting quagmire, who likes me here he will quietly murmur? “Am i stupid or what?”’ Go away a voice would say.’ Then Spuro gets offended. He will desperately repeat his claim, Bamba Dala is a lady!! Sam Jeeti is the man, yeah.
Then a quiet voice retort, “Which Sam Jeeti?” He said, “he is the bravest tall fellow I have ever seen.” The quiet voice asked curiously, “Why he is brave?” I can’t say, I just think so.
Then shut up and go find out why you think he’s brave because the hyena is still hunting down the road Sam Jeeti lives. In fact, Sam Jeeti enjoys the castle of the Hyena, he is no different from anyone. Stop making a fool out of yourself, you’re not even funny.
Tell you what, all brave men of Fan-Tunbung are dead, therefore die and be brave you fagot.
Spuro became surprise that, no neo-twins or their wannabe stood up for him. Why is that the case he sighed?
He sat in front of his broken mirror, in deep thought, something alien to him. Thinking, why is it so hard to please the twins? I like saying all the bad and foul things for them but no response. I know they like it deep down, how can I join the club?
I better start thinking about that instead of getting fired at needlessly.
Spuro then did something he never wishes to do, asked himself a question.
Will I go home and be a brave lion boy for any reason? He is still thinking for a miracle answer.
Life goes on. The paradox of the dictator’s children.

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