Friday, 24 September 2010

Saul Saidykhan on Enter Gambia an explosive book

Saul Saidykhan is a sensible and entertaining writer on equal measure. His writing ability is among the best of Gambian writing. I rank him along with folks like Lamin J Darboe, Hamjatta, ML Sillah, Galleh, Foday Samateh and the like. Saul made simple statements readable, eloquent and fanciful.
The explanation of Berkeley Rice's book on the Gambia is timely and relevant for correcting lies against elements of the former regime. In fact, Saul's exposure is not in any way absolving the wrongs of the PPP, but setting the records straight on many propaganda malice against the characters of the early PPP pioneers. And the ethnic maligning which resulted in distorting the facts on the early days of Gambia's rebirth was a crime worth rectifying. Saul should be commended for serialising a book hardly available in the market.
The pains he took to digest the records of Berkeley Rice is noteworthy and a patriotic endeavour.
His analysis should be made available to our future generations so that, they too can come to the realisation of facts no matter who dislike it to be known. Kudos Saul for a fantastic job.

Below are the links to part one to four of his fruitful scintillating narratives:
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3
And the final part 4

Thanks Saul for taking us on an enlightening journey.

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