Tuesday, 1 June 2010

RAAki Web Owner In the News: Buharry want Essa Sey to Appologise

Buhaary Gassama is complaining in Gambia-Post and Gambia L forums about Freedom news paper radio broadcast.

Did Buharry contacted the editor and proprietor of the freedom news paper for redress? If he does, then I believe one can expect result, however if the hope is that, complaining about the matter here will lead to the freedom taking action, then the matter may not be resolve quicker.

I will beg to defer in that, each media outlet must expect Gambians to view and see their actions in ways they are comfortable with. This is the end result of a democratic system. It is democratic also for Essa to be suspicious of the ways Raaki has been promoting issues of lesser iterest to human rights advocates whilst tentatively promoting items deem pro-government propaganda.

It is at this juncture an unpalatable thing to say, but Essa is not on his own in seeing the actions of Buharry of late as a systematic pseudo APRC propagandist. I am not saying this is the case, however, if all his recent exposure of the photos from the Gambia and the new propaganda portal etc, one has to ask when will the Raaki owner also provide us materials that will expose the GREATER EVIL in the Jammeh administration.Propaganda is in many different ways.

We all know the GRTS is nothing but a mouth piece and the genuine item of Hitlers news reel. To this end, certain Gambians are uneasy with Buharry's new strategy, and if folks should see things contrary to his liking, that is democracy also.Essa Sey may have been on the wrong side of the fence, but he has done a lot more in correcting his ways. The current spat shouldn't take anything away from his regular contributions.

I am sure, Essa is big enough to say to Buharry, I withdrew my comments, however, he can maintain the fact that, Raaki's enhancement of GRTS's propaganda is a legitimate subject to query. This is not the popular thing to say right now, seeing Buharry's friend queuing to defend him, but it is a point of departure. I hope the Editor at freedom can run a message withdrawing the statement against Raaki, since with all the evils not broadcast by the GRTS, Buharry has the right to air what he wish on his website. And also there are selective programs on GRTS that folks can enjoy without watching any APRC propaganda, e.g cultural programs for instance.

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