Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I remember not so long ago. A famous man from a village came back after a couple of years in Tubabudu (Europe). Usually, this is preceded by fan fare and camaraderie. The entire children body were all over the house of the traveller. However since kids can hardly withhold the unfortunate wind, a couple of bad smell commence disturbing the crowded house.
The sitting elders did what grown ups do, they chase away the kids.
One of them exclaimed... Al fin tiii, Al bee bunw bee sunkandila... (get out you kids, you are making the house to stink).
Well the kids slowly start to leave the strange traveller's house.
Funnily, the famous village traveller warn the elders. He said, "Nin al yee din dinwui baye, nin asunkanta koo tenkee, wooto, itel keeba lii lemu" (if you chase away the children, if any bad smell occur it will be we the elders who are to blame).
In short, Yahya Jammeh has been forever arresting, sacking and blaming his close associates and former friends with all sort of fallings. He never hesitate to sacrifice any of them. However, calamities seems to follow one another.
So if a couple of brothers are in prison for drug dealing, yet, more and more drugs seems to have its way up the Gambia river, one wonder if the Keeba himself (President) is not behind the shady operations tarnishing the good name of our beloved country.
Yahya, you have discarded all your right hand men, now who is to blame for all the endless crimes? --

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