Friday, 6 February 2015

Last week radio program

On Kairo radio today, we address few issues.
1. understanding ourselves, our genealogy and why, people are are still moved and happy of their background, ready to patronise singers to praise them. Do people really understand who they are, and what their family lines means, their role in society.
2. Family up bringing. Why it is not good to be aggressive against children without good words, making them proud, saying statements of blessing on them. Why we must stop insulting children, cursing them and swearing at them needlessly.
3. Why women need to analyse society and stop copying others, focusing solely on materialism and vanity. Leading to the chaos in society.
4. Why many Gambian children are running away from parents in Europe and America. The reports indicating that, people who bring children from Africa at age ten and over, is more likely for those children to run away and falling prey to bad peer pressure. 
5. We also discuss the need for Gambians to genuinely respect one another. Deal fairly and justly with everyone. 
6. People complain also Gambians make bad comments about one another in work places in abroad. Why, we must stop jealousy and stop making damning remarks about others.

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