Friday, 6 February 2015

Gambian ancient wisdom

Ancient wisdoms: "A child's rope emanates from the mother" (Mandingo) saying, and the Wollofs would say "every person that grows up and attain adulthood will be exposed, however, remember to thank the womb that bore you." Both statements means the same. The mandingka society beliefs that, women make or break the person.
This is a direct correlation to the manners and methods a mother conduct herself, since the child learns more from the mother than the father and the sanctity of the marital union depends on give and take.
 Whilst the Wollof wisdom here means, our successes, self-respect, ,manners, failures etc all are linked to the mother. And as an adult, a person has no place to hide in society, you are either a good member of society or a failure, but the justice of that is starts from the womb that bore you.

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