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Falling in a Dictators web--Yahya Jammeh's strategies.. responding to Oko

expanding the self-interest debate.. false myraid
Suntou Touray
Yahya Jammeh have used and abused many good men in our country. First he makes his targets special with the patriotic mantra. He then softens them up for his grand schemes. Even today ambitious young Gambians are lining up to take his offers. This people only have to commit to him, the Gambia is left with wide open mouths.
Dictators can utilise even sensible good men. All they do is find the motivation in people, what motivates X, Y or Z. Once the vampires found that out, they initiate the linking up, between the good prey and the head of the cannibals. Good men get drowned. Who was it that is supposed to supervise the building of recording studio?
oko said:
“Sountou, I see the Word Music Musicians/Producer. But do you think, like in Europe and in America where movie stars and musicians are invited into government that's not Africa. Government is for Yuppies. Hopefully they will let the artists be, not sided. Arts is Liberal.” Oko

Brother Oko, on normal circumstances I would not respond to your rebuttals since it only reflects the bit you take to be personal in a discourse that is unpalatable to a cross section of people.
I respect your opinion, hence my points to your query. Music is a trade just like arts in itself. Musicians or their producers are equally mortal beings who are individualist like we all are. I have little knowledge or love of music, but i know it is men who write, play and produce it. These lines of people therefore search for what is of benefit to them in most cases.
The complexities of dictatorship are not so hard to dissect. For us as Africans, it is a nightmarish quagmire. The rest of humankind is more or less worrying about high tech advancements whilst our leaders are wondering how godly we must appreciate them. They rule us like animals, kill us, jail us, exile us, make regular threats against us, insult us, and squander our wealth, just any negative ills you can think of.
These leaders aren’t stupid Oko, they know who to trap in their web of greedy, personal glorification and the eternal search for illegitimate grace. (In God we all Hope).

I say dictators can drown even good men/women. They approach good members of society with noble gestures. Promote our black culture, our heritage. They monopolise the past and try to make people sentimental over those issues, whilst exploiting people along the way. That is how Yahya Jammeh took control of the roots festival; hoodwink scores of diaspora native blacks, Jamaican musicians, music producers and agents. They term him a messiah also, the devil in person (in Suratul Nass).
Musicains sing for Yahya (Jilanka) from Sajo Band, Yousour Ndur, scores of Senegalese artist, Jaliba Kuyateh etc. Why praise an acknowledge human rights abuser? Money, fame ....

“Afrcan leaders will not consider putting artists into office???” Oko
I don’t know about that. A dictator is a person who rules or aim for total domination. If an artist can serve him better than non-artist, he will not hesitate to do business with them.

“Maybe Imams & Preists, fit the category. These jobs are reserved for ambitious Yuppies (Young urban professionals). “ Oko
Seriously Oko, i don’t know what a Yuppies is. The reason I put across Imams and Priest is to simply convey the realities of human duplicity. Even Imams or Priest if they follow their immediate self-interest can be exploited by a tyrant.

“They study for it and went to the marabout for it.” Oko
Anyway, the artist just like all professionals do things they believe will advance their careers. In our compartmental world, if it means seeing a Marabout, so it shall be. From office clerks, secretaries, accountants, police officers, business men/women etc, they do whatever it takes to succeed. The marabourism is also an enterprise. They prey on people’s inadequacies, fears and hopes.

“As you were as a child, so shall you grow to be a man.” Oko
Indeed, every grey old folk was once a kid, which is obvious.

“A hypocrite is always a hypocrite.” Oko
That is not necessarily the case. People could change giving the right environment and aptitude. Hypocrites do easily accuse others of being one. The bottom line is, what has that got to do with the subject under discussion. It is surprising that, a personal tinge emanates from your end here. This topic dealt with various issues, the conveyer is right in the tick of the discussion.
It is surprising the position you took representing the musicians/producer community here. As if they are above self-interest.
“The artists are not Yuppies for Ambassador jobs. Please don't tease our opinion, I beg you. The Yuppies are our problems.” Oko

I may have stepped on your toes Oko. Are you an ambassador for Jammeh Musa? In what capacity do you advocate for him? Are you aware of yahya’s crimes against ordinary Gambians?
Why would an experience wise man like you with knowledge of diverse countries and communities be acting for Yahya Jammeh if at all you do?
Yahya Jammeh came upon us with the promise he was going to rule according to a timetable and then return back to the barracks. Those promises are all up in the air. He told us that, politicians in past hang onto power for years, and that no such thing will ever happen in the Gambia again.
Today, Yahya Jammeh has entered his fifteen year of maladministration. He hasn’t shown any inkling that he will leave anytime soon. Now, first we know that Yahya lied to all of us live on radio and television. He even sometimes swore to God and the holy Books that, he will not betray the Gambia. He has done so more than anyone we know. Yet such an open criminal can use good men/women to brush up his crimes, passing them off as reactions of agitators, his haters, unpatriotic journalist etc.
Where are our musicians/producers in all this period? there are protest musicians, actors, comedians, playwriters etc (Harold Pinter, Javish Corker, John Lenon, Fela, Mariama makeba, Bob Marley, etc. Those musicians stand out for all to see.)

Many of own musicians have composed songs for him. Meet him and smile coyly in his face. Jammeh is not stupid as i always opined. He knows how to exploit the self-interest ambition of our people. From PhD brothers to the degree brigades, folks are there for his taking.
This subject is far wider than the confine space of musicians and there producers/promoters.

“The Struggle for class.” Oko
Indeed, for those who care.

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