Sunday, 28 February 2010

A False Myraid: Continuation: Politicians are lairs, evil, etc says Yahya Jammeh

The self-interest pursuant of human beings sometimes goes against conventional wisdom. People engage themselves in serious criminal activities just to satisfy personal goal fulfilments.
Why should men transport contra-ban substances such as drugs through international borders knowing full well the repercussions lying ahead?
People join the military, with full knowledge that they might be killed in war situations. The balancing act of men across time reveals that, we innately do things with our self-interest in mind at all times. Sometimes personal sacrifices get the wider exposure. (Some Gambians join foreign armies for resident papers and the pay not for freedom or democracy, gambling on serving unharmed until the end of service contract)

Why do people vote for political party A as against B?
Why do politicians go on campaign trails, disseminating the party’s messages?
Why do political parties make promises to electorates and claim that, they will do more for the people than rivals?
The answers aren’t that complex to underpin, however elements of partisan prejudice will continue playing a part in complex political narratives.
Politicians aren’t saints, they hope and wish, just like we all do. The promises that all politicians advance is a way to capture the individualistic/collective self-interest of voters.

In short appealing to our expectations (good roads, health care, schools, jobs etc). Obama’s one word slogans bear testimony to this fact: Hope! Change! Hope for what? And Change for who?

The careers of scores of British politicians went in smoke due to claiming expenses more than legally allowed. This are MP’s who work hard for their electorates, yet the self-interest aspect overpowered them.
Both former Prime Minister Blair and President Bush are enjoying lucrative lecture and private invitation due to the name they attain as politicians.
Why should men be willing to die for others? Is your live less valuable than others? Soldiers are told to obey orders even if it meant shooting a human being. Why should people leave their faith in the hand of another?
For those of us who believe in God and a day of reckoning, killing a person unjustly is a sin which cannot be forgiven.
Dictators don’t go out and about killing people. They recruit ordinary men and women to do the evil act for them. They employ killers; these killers are protected by a sophisticated machinery of civil servants. Sometimes people help dictators without realising it. Many good men/women are helping Yahya Jammeh for instance by covering up for him, brushing up his image, diplomatically working hard to make him look good. Why? Self-interest.

However, the Islamic standpoint is that, not everyone who dies in the cause of good is a martyr. People can die for far complex reason other than for God. Hence we cannot just ordinarily know the real reason people do the things they do. Some of our predicaments are by accidents, unexpected.
The politician in question should be patient and avoid trying mind control Gambians. Some may have allowed themselves to be captivated, giving up their minds unquestionably, that is not the norm, it is a misnorma.
Therefore, let him put to rest the talk of sacrificing for the people. The people should be the judge of that. Self-serving politics is unattractive and self-defeating. Condecending at best!!!!
“Hide your good deeds like you hide your bad deeds” (Abu Uwais) then only God will reward you. However politics is a profession were such is not the case. Everything must be put under the media glares.
Yahya Jammeh came upon us with the claims that politicians are lairs, dogs, evil etc. Yet he is the biggest of them today. His self-interest pursuing has resulted in him curtailing the rights and freedom of Gambians. He has created a nasty entity of the NIA, Green boys and made the civil service his personal slave enterprise.
Gambians are willing to kill for him, torture for him, fabricate evidence for him, harass for him, spy for him, lie, blindly follow him and many other filthy human characteristic are done for Yahya Jammeh, why? Some now even looks at him like a God. People wish to enhance their self-interest through Yahya’s favours.
Gambians who decline to get involve in attacking and exposing Yahya in the open are equally guarding their self-interest. Think about strolling round Bakau beach, taking pictures of Westfield, Kairaba Avenue. Visiting the hot spots and enjoying the delicious local foods. Why should you spoil that for anyone?
Yahya has destroyed his legacy and sadly maybe his relationship with his maker. No amount of charity absolves a tyrant. It is because of the quest to see freedom and prosperity in our country people risk their privileges in exposing Yahya. However, at the bottom it all, it is our self-interest to see a free and better Gambia for all. And for that we are willing to die, a noble cause by all standards.



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