Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Shall push through the
Reform agendas
They shall motivate you
They shall persuade your frustration
They shall try to include you
In the conversation and lonely
We the people’
‘For our country’
‘In our poverty’
‘The living cost is dire’
I wish to be one of the people’

The songs will pound on and on
With ingenious sound bites
Looping and sneering
Creating value by monking!!!
False celibacy with real people
Yet ‘i will be one with you’
And now you are away from them
Watch the Gambia watch
Read the Gambia read

A case of tongue in cheek
Latched against the unsuspecting minds
Praise me, damned if not
Haven’t you read about the dragon spitfires?
You evil, hypocrite, vain, vicious, dumb,
tribalist, sad, ignorant, buffoonery, you, you ...

The contenders or their advocates
Twist the finger inward
There lies all the grand deceptions