Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Halifa's Book

I have received Halifa's book yesterday. I will try to find time in reading it and sharing my thought on its content. Some may fear that, i will be unduly critical of the author. But in all honesty, i will be fair and balance in how i see Pan-Africanism and how Halifa tries to share his thoughts with us.
The book on a glance is typical of the PDOIS philosophical ways of doing things. The cover is very cheaply done, with inexpensive materials utilised. This is a good indication of the PDOIS leadership believing in their ideology of controlling wastage and being prudent.

The saying that "do not judge the book by its cover" is very relevant here. The cover is so cheap, the content must compensate that. I hope. For me, it will be a big journey in uncovering Pan-Us by Halifa.

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The title of Halifa's book is self-explanatory. I personally thought it is long and requires one having legal background in understand what it fully entails:
Treatise On Founding A Federation of African Republics. Can there be a federation of Republic countries?

Halifa further adds to the title, The Road to African Unity, democracy and development--- The third Phase of Pan-Africanism.
Going back to the original main title, the treatise. Is halifa telling us that, our African unity is mainly or only achieveable through the Pan-African dream?

The chapter one of the book is mainly composit of the work of Dubious. Halifa gave much space and attention to Dubious's statements. Couldn't Halifa instead of providing direct quotations, thus the frequent "" quotes found in the pages put the main points in his own words and then credit Dubious in some sort way, preferably the Chickago style referencing.
The chapter one is intensively written and i urge Gambians and Africans to read that part of the book.
For none students of politics and those favouring the pan-African argument, it is extremely difficult to get into the book, but it may be a bread and butter for students of politics.
I will share my thoughts on Chapter two later.