Friday, 5 June 2009


HALIFA SALLAH written from a DVD recording 2007/08
When you don’t know your history, you have “...blind destiny”.
“Liberation is a question of assertion of the human being”.
Liberation is not an academic exercise, it is not about sentiment.
When people fail to understand his/her history, they are have blind destiny. They live and die without a purpose. Society is indicted for the ills of human beings.
Black people who came to the west for higher education find out that after achieving higher education and success, they don’t have any respect.
Banks are guilty of making society poor.
The reason for black self-hate is lack of understanding who they are.
Our conception should be to understand the past in order to be able to mould the future.
It is important we compare people in history so we can know who we are. Artefacts alone are not sufficient for Africans to claim a civilisation.
It is vital Africans know their history and other people’s history and compare them.
Trade built Europe. It is a myth that Europeans civilised Africans. Europe was bust fighting each other.
Slavery trade was all about access to raw materials.
The shackles and chains are a testimony that Africans were forced into slavery. Resistance cause white slave traders to device forceful means.
Slavery resistance gave birth to the struggle for freedom.
Slaves were engine for western development
Industrialisation leads to western arrogance.
Britain did not abolish slavery trade due to human rights reasons, industrialisation did.
Africans were divided by making the weaker kings united against stringer kings.
U.S assist Portugal subjugate Bissau, Angola and Mozambique.
The lack of self-consciousness lead to western domination of Africans not military might.
It is for the benefit of industrialist to stop slavery.
Mental slavery was implemented by making laws to openly discriminate against black. So that people can feel inferior of themselves without realising it. ‘Apartheid, segregation in U.S and class system in Britain.’
Banks revenues were gain from factories that process raw materials from slave labour. This in turn boosts the investment in science, education, the social system etc.
‘The black man is not the white man’s burden. My emphasis.’

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