Friday, 31 October 2008

Genuine Enemy

Genuine enemy
Happy you when the enemy is genuine
Nothing you do matter
The laughter is frown upon
The smiles disdainful and disgusting
The kindness and show of love
Result in the opposite outcome
Love! Loving! doesn’t matter
That is what the genuine enemy sees
Why be good when it is not noticed?
Why speak if the result is anger and violence?
Genuine enemies!!
Without them, emptiness prevails
Your smiles are a deception
Talk less of the spoken words!
They incite hate
Why be close to the genuine enemy?
With all the suspicions and unprovoked hating
Better have a genuine enemy than a deceptive friend
You always know their stand points
The worst genuine enemy is the one with political will
He uses hate wrongly
The public space is high-jacked
But other genuine enemies
Can be handled
Asabiyah wakabaliya
May the lord protect us all.

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