Sunday, 5 October 2008

Gambians In Coventry City Celebrate Koriteh

Gambians in Coventry City U.K celebrate Koriteh On a family and friends get-together
The event was organised by the Gambian Association in Coventry under the leadership of Abdoulie Kamara and his executive team.
The purpose of the family event was to bring the spirit of Koriteh to the many young Gambian U.K born children. Our cultures and traditions is everything to us. The identity of Gambian children born abroad depends on the parents teaching them what is a unique Gambian traditions. We all know life in the west for children is more like, school and home two way traffic.
Whilst these children are getting more and more frustrated of being indoors for most of the day, children in the Gambia enjoy the company of their fellows and play in the open. On this rear occasion of Koriteh, we were able bring together many children with their Mothers to enjoy the Unique Gambian style food and drinks. An area was allocated for children to play, suckling mothers with babies were also catered for.
The aim of the Gambian Association in Coventry is to do more of this events. Tobaski will also be celebrated in a bigger place and other family day outs are also in the pipe-line.
The Gambian Association Coventry is here for all Gambians living in the city and surrounding. The Association caters for emergency matters of members, in cases of death, accident and other urgent incidences. A united and well organise organisation always achieves its goal; we therefore call on all Gambians living in the city to join us and make our small Gambian community noticeable in the city of Coventry. To join us, email the secretary directly for details.
Secretary General
Suntou Touray

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