Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Bones of Executed Gambians

A poet once said "you can kill me, throw away my bones, scatter them, bury them, but one day, my bones will ride against you" Rest in peace all slain Gambian...Your bones will ride against your killers, One day. Remembering the late Deyda Hydara and others.

Deyda Hydara's killing occurred whilst I was a two weeks holiday to the Gambia. I was busy travelling from place, running errands, but along the way, grabbing newspapers. I read some brief accounts of Deyda's material on the media bill. A week before returning back to England, Deyda Hydara was murdered by an assassin bullets. 

Whoever ordered the killing will one day, taste his own medicine. Callous and cowardly at best. 

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