Thursday, 1 November 2012

'I' is the Terminology

I return home
From where?
The Neighboring country
I told them everything
About our dilemma
I said that, I am the answer to all the problem
And I am ready and now willing
To be seen and heard
I have stood up and wrote about it all
I am the only one who can bring sanity
I have demonstrated it over and over
That, without me, nothing will work
I have abundantly said it
I will not allow anyone to take my chances
All the press statements I did are to highlight my position
People should stop focusing on the dictator
And rather look at Me
I am the problem and the solution
I will continue to reinvent myself
Over and over
Until all of you take me seriously
I don't care how long it takes
But I will not end my stance to be in command
At every gathering of my peers
Because, I am who I am
I interview myself and pass it off
I am a scholar, a politician, a writer, a talker, orator
I am all in one and I will never be irrelevant
So Gambians, you cannot ignore me
And even you try to do, I will remind you
That, the problem and solution all lies
With me...And so it shall be
"Message by A wise Gambian who is too focus on himself)

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