Sunday, 6 May 2012

Our home: Free-For-All House

The house was build to serve the people. To welcome everybody with both ears. To unearth the mess that is tyranny. Free-for-all house, welcome visitors indiscriminately. It want to be the home of truth, fair play and justice for all. The urge is to allow all sides to enter the house and have a decent conversation.       

 But as it happens, free-for-all house owner got drunk with attention and the eagerness to hear himself. Instead of following the motto it was built for, it became a home of  vengeance and retribution for no just cause. The house owner became Mr One Big ear. He twirl and abuse people without verification. He insults at the top of his voice using mega phones and a cyber voice.
In fact, the owner keep falling out with people. Yet ironically. he is terrified of allowing decent people a voice! He thunders, "I will not allow   X Y and Z on my set. No one will seek fame on my mega phone." Aah he became the self- consuming little tyrant. This is my home,  Audacity.

The audacious owner, close and former associates fears has turn the house into a Free-dump-House. He now routinely take sides, disbarred certain people, scream at some and make the House inhabitable to others. Some even claim he doesn't listen to advise, because He believes, his privilege position in hearing secret conversations puts him an advantage position to finish anybody who fall on his wrong side. No friendship is permanent to him, no one is beyond his attacks. So the house stands, and we wait. Will it change cause and hear everyone before taking sides, will he restrain himself and allow cutesy and fairness to lead the way? Time will tell.

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