Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Idle Mind Who Wants Attention From Gambians

When a self-glory seeking individual want attention so badly and he can't get it because people understand him as a pompous empty barrel. He ventures into writing stuffs only an idle mind conceives. Whilst there will always be a perversion in the hearts of certain minority in any community, to associate bisexuality as an issue to the Gambia is not provocation Sankanu, it is plain lies and stupidity.
You can provoke a debate with something tangible, credible, evident. And with the right attitude and intellectual acumen, you may just about trigger a sensible debate. But since you lack all of that, no Gambian takes you seriously and if you think by writing idiotic stuff it will generate a debate, you are wrong.
The average Gambian who reads is far more aware than you are. They are may be self-centered, but unaware is out of the question. If you want to be taken seriously, write seriously, or else, keep singing back to yourself, because you offend nobody. Even if you say, you slept with your sister, it will be mere comedy bro. No Mullah cares about your quest for outrage. The more you write, the more you unveil for what you are. Keep writing.

In America, Germany, Britain etc, sexual perversion is practice amongst the minority of people, this is why, the majority of societies find it hard to make it acceptable as normal life style. If consenting adults want to practice some kind perversion, ie away from the normal relationship, it is up to them. The Gambia like other nations don’t have an issue with sexuality.
There will always be those who will take exemption to the norm, to what your Mother and Father understands as the way human being should cohabit. However, this is not enlightenment; it is someone who has a perversion to the rule.
Where two grown up men feel they rather want to sleep with each other, so long as they don’t practice their desires in public, many human being will leave them to it. But where you want to make people accept that, such a behavior is normal and right, there you are wrong. This doesn’t mean people are unenlightened, it means they just don’t accept that particular life style.
As for religious people who adhere to their teachings and scriptures and belief that, same sex relationship is evil, such is their belief. Does it mean not accepting a certain concept, culture one suddenly becomes barbaric? If so, then we are all one way or the other backward.

Those who don't know anything about religion misunderstood it for standing on the way of enlightenment. However, the concept of learning, creativity and deeper thinking was introduce by religious people. The idea of University, learning circle which is the bypoduct of enlightenment and human consciousness came out the works of religious people across the spectrum. From the Sufi gatherings among the muslims, to the circles of the different kalifs, to the scholastics in the western nations.
It was the Monks (scholarstics) who gave us a university. Modern enlightenment borrowed its core ideas from this institutions. Yet, a perverted misunderstanding of human condition by certain individuals whose thinking capacity are at best inept and vain try to lecture us on what is enlightenment? Great.


Landingen said...

well said!! Great piece!! Praise be to God for granting you such wisdom. As the saying goes fear the (firasat) inner wisdom of a Muhmin because s/he sees with the Nurr(light) of Allah(swt). May Allah(swt) put this nurr our heart


Thank you brother, Ameen. May God give hidayaah and guidiance always.