Sunday, 9 October 2011


By Suntou Touray

Borrowed from his father

down the line to the infinite chain

of human pro-creation

to this day, the sword is transfered from father to son/daughter

Sometimes, squabbles ensue in sibling rivalry

and polygame erases the sweet tight circle over the sword

A wiseman once said "why fight over your father's sword"?

That was then, we now pride ourselves in owning a big bad sword

resulting in tining family ties and breaking blood bonds

Ours soundly became mine

Yes- A sword slit its own case

So it does to the owner

It is no good boasting about your father's sword

However, be gentle and mindful with your personal Sword

'Ifala Lah fanwu, iba laa famwu

Ifanwu laa famwu lee fisayata, bari kana sun, ilaa famwu yee ifaah'

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