Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Haruna Darboe Option For Gambia's opposition Unity

[If any Gambian has an option which is better than this Agenda, he/she should put it on the table for consideration.] BY
Baks Yamba, this is one of the dead giveaways that indicated to me you're not from Baddibu Salikenye. I think you unduly cause the great people of Baddibu Salikenye much anxiety and chagrin for these and those frauds you perpetrate on them. This and the fact that you spelt Salikenye Salikene tells me you're more likely from somewhere in Kolda. Be that as it may, I want to remind you that in 2006, a brilliant opposition party, the UDP, presented the only and best option to bring all Gambians together and remove Yahya from our conscience. That option, which still lies on the PDOIS mahogany desk, is as follows:
Option 101
Best Option: NRP, PDOIS, ppp, NDAM, all fall-in behind the UDP, the most diverse and largest opposition political party of Gambia, if our goal is to remove Yahya from our collective conscience.
Now Baks, this option remains the only viable and sensible option today. Only now, we can add GMC to the gravitas of this agglomeration. Please do not tell me we've tried this option before as your AGENDA 1965 attempts to purvey in order to captivate the wild imaginations of a persecuted people. And remmember, in this best option, PDOIS, NRP, ppp, and or GMC do not have to dissolve in thin air. They will remain the unique parties they have always been. They will only fall-in behind the UDP candidate in order to REMOVE the criminal Yahya from mis-governing Gambia, to stop the insults, injuries, abductions, kidnappings, assassinations, murders, and mortgaging the future of Gambia's children and grandchildren.

This will usher in the ambient culture of a level playing field for all parties, ruling or opposition, accountability for the public treasury, the much cherished freedoms of expression and association for religion and industry, independent judiciary comprised of Gambian citizens and only in force majeure circumstances, invite foreign justices who share our democratic values and principles. The rule of fear will end overnight.
The political parties will conduct vibrant campaigns for the National Assembly, and in 5 years, all parties will contest the presidency on equal footing.
There is not even any need for NRP, PDOIS, ppp, or GMC to demand government positions or other political office as a reward for supporting the UDP candidate in the 2011 presidential election. This is because such condition is not even significant enough to scupper the grand goal of removing Yahya the notorious criminal. I declare that the UDP is comprised of conscientious and professional adults and I wouldn't be surprised if the government that comes after the historic removal of Yahya is made up of majority NRP, PDOIS, ppp, and GMC.

The moment is too high for the opposition and for all Gambia to be sidetracked by inutile horse-trading. Especially when you consider the alternatives of a dis-united opposition. I know your mind is playing tricks on you because you're focused on that minister position right now. ANd I know you've been waiting for close to 3 decades to be chauffeured with a state flag waving. But bear with me for a minute while I present another scenario to you.
Scenario 1: NRP, PDOIS, ppp, and GMC throw their mights behind the UDP candidate for President and the coalition succeeds in removing Yahya but NRP, PDOIS, ppp, and GMC were not given any ministerial position in the new government.
Scenario 2: NRP, PDOIS, ppp, and GMC throw their mights behind the UDP candidate for President and the coalition succeeds in removing Yahya. And the ensuing government is comprised of NRP, APRC, UDP, PDOIS, ppp, and GMC members in equal proportion (1/6 each).
Scenario 3: Ousainou, Halifa, Hamat, OJ, Yahya, and Mai all contest the 2011 elections under their separate party banners. And Yahya wins. The ensuing government will DEFINITELY not have any UDP, NRP, PDOIS, ppp, or GMC members in it. Those communities which did not vote for Yahya will continue to be persecuted. Insults, Injuries, Abductions, Kidnappings, Assassinations, wanton arrests, rapes, theft, will continue to claim newer victims.

The Judiciary will continue to be made up of the mercenary judges who give aid and comfort to Yahya and other criminals. UDP, NRP, PDOIS, ppp, or GMC, will not be able to campaign freely and equitably in the National Assembly elections. Accidental deaths will occur. Foroyaa will be shut down. Nyakoi schools will be shut down. Those who remain in Mile 2 whose cases have not been heard yet will certainly face expedited railroadings and highly probable death. GRTS will continue to be the reserve of Yahya. You will more likely see defections galore from all the opposition parties to the APRC. I think I can stop here.
Baks Yamba, let me also share the story of Senegal with you. I know you're already familiar with Senegal, but bear with me another moment.
In Senegal, before the current demonstrations demanding Wade withdraw from contesting the next Presidential elections having served two consecutive terms, many of the opposition parties came together to form Benno Sigil Senegaal. Benno Sigil Senegaal (BSS) means "With God's help, we hail Senegaal". Not all of the opposition parties are actually partners of BSS, but a significant enough number came together, and the party of Hon. Macky Saal and another party, I forget the name right off the bat, pledge allegiance to BSS but that allegiance did not prevent them from forming an alliance among the two of them on the side.
This is similar to our scenario 1 above, only NRP and ppp, or NRP and PDOIS, or NRP and GMC form a side alliance to prosecute the NAM elections . The value of such a strategy ould also help blunt any potential waywardness or potential extremities of the UDP once the coalition succeeds in removing Yahya and the UDP decides to hoard all the positions of governance.
Now these parties in Senegal have not been pre-occupied with what positions they will get if their BSS coalition should succeed in removing Wade. This is because the mere agreement and allegiance they paid to BSS emboldened all Senegaal to now demand Wade's withdrawal from contesting the presidency for a third term. And that campaign will succeed.
If that campaign succeeds, there will now NOT be a need for BSS and each opposition or their side-alliances could offer their own candidates because all of them want to become President of Senegaal. If they hadn't formed BSS, the citizens will not be empowered enough to come out in their great numbers to demand that Wade not contest for another term.
I know you're murmuring to yourself "what if Wade refuses to withdraw from contesting...Yadi yadi yadah". Well if Wade refuses to withdraw, his clown IEC will be dispossessed of the honour to organize the elections, and Wade cannot survive a vrai Independent Electoral Commission in Senegaal. So Wade's best option is to avoid being exiled from Senegaal for the rest of his life.

We can now move on to Algebra 101. Later. Haruna.

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