Friday, 19 November 2010

Ugly scenes in Guinea

Why Why why
what does it matter if the President is not your tribe?
what does it matter if he speaks other ethnic dialect?
should we kill or be ready to slaughter, pillage and run amock
because the winner is not of us?

How long Africa!!!
Shall bread and butter politics lead to street riots?
The ugly scenes in Guinea
Is indicative of parallel co-existence
We live together but we never like each other
we inter-marry but never love deeper
we share jokes but don't laugh genuine

The darkside of the sun
always reflect the bitter truth of our state
what shall it take to see beyond
unwritten languages and traditions?
Guinea, relent and let calmness prevail
Conde or Diallo
They cannot do miracle

infact, their Fulaness and Malinkeness is superficial
think and observe

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