Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fragile Hearts---- Silence Please

It is puzzling reading some Gambian writers expressing fears in the discussions of political issues especially opposition politicians. If the leaders are ready to lead, what sort of discussion will affect their intentions to unite or form a coalition?
I am baffled by all this warnings of us regular writers of the affairs of opposition politicians seen as spoilers of unity efforts.
Give us a break. If Halifa wish to bring ideas tantamount to stalemate in all talks, what should we do now? Be quiet until the matters fails to materialise?
I am also equally disturbed by the backing of Essa Bokar Sey of Halifa's misguided Agenda 2011. Did Essa read the last few paragraph of the piece before risking his name to a documents that will fail to convince the biggest sycophants of Halifa.
How can people who don't support the Agenda be exempted from voting in a primary to select a united opposition leader?
How can each person convince 50 people, who will then make contact with Halifa before voting in the primaries?
Halifa is promoting an undemocratic document which will be rejected by the biggest opposition party.
Halifa doesn't have support in the Gambia. Why should he think that, doing a primary will favour him over others? He lose his Serrekunda seat cheaply yet, he continue bringing unworkable ideas promoting it has the ultimate for a successful union.
I am baffled by Essa's write-up on this matter. I enjoy reading all his materials but his latest is a mistake and a miscalculation to say the least.
The UDP don't mind going on a primary with Halifa, they know he will lose spectacularly but the efforts will cost money and waste valuable time. Instead of Halifa promoting disingenuous materials as the solution, let him come and back a UDP led coalition. He will have his rightful place and ideas which can buttress all other efforts. The Gambia require smaller efforts not grand pronouncement leading to false hopes and back stabbings.
The complicated nature of our situation makes the whole affairs stinks. Our leaders don't require baby sitting. Let us talk, and agree or disagree. That is the way to bring the best in us. Thin skin or thick skin, we are all subsceptible to emotional tantrums. But the bigger picture is that, we need to take a back seat when discussing the Gambia. Getting angry and fuming is not the solution.
I advise that, those promoting the Agenda 2011 read the last eight paragraph. They will see the clear tricks in the paper. No sane opposition politician will even comptemplate backing such ideas.

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