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An Appeal for the unconditional release of Alieu Jobe (Former Treasurer, Gambian National Treasury). Free him Yahya so Alieu can be reunited with his family for this 2009 Tobaski.
By Suntou Touray
This petition is necessary for many factors, but the most important of them all is the denial of a father to the children of brother Alieu Jobe. Alieu Jobe was imprisoned in March 2006, due to an alleged foiled coup attempt by an extended family member, the absconded Col. Ndure Cham.
Alieu Jobe is a career accountant who studied in England until 2001. After completing his ACCA qualification, he departed to take up his Job at the then Gambian Accountant General. A patriotic decision by all standards.
Alieu Jobe decided to return to the Gambia with the best of intentions. He gradually progressed through the ranks of the Treasury to become the chief Treasurer of the country. At the time of his arrest, with a forced confession live on Gambian State Television, Alieu was the highest position accountant in the Gambia.
The personal recollections I have of Alieu Jobe are incredible and outstanding. In early 2000, whilst venturing into the accounting professional studies, I met Alieu Jobe at the then prestigious private accounting training College, the AT Emil Woolf (Accounting Tutors) at the centre of London.
Alieu was always friendly and open to advice us new students at the time. I meet him at the abulution area of the college complex. He is a devout Muslim who wouldn’t harm a fly. After exchanging pleasantries, Alieu became a friend on college level. He always assist in academic matters were necessary and treat everyone with utmost respect and kindness.
He is married and has young children who are today missing a dear father to a twenty years (20yrs) imprisonment for treason. Alieu’s life is today in serious jeopardy and his career largely destroyed.
The details surrounding the jailing of Alieu Jobe and other alleged co-conspirators are solely from government sources. Outside independent account was never part of the trial process and Alieu’s incarceration was hasty and as usual draconian.
As fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and friend of Alieu Jobe and the rest of March 2006 jailed political prisoners, we call on the Gambian government to
unconditionally release Alieu Jobe, Munirr Darboe, Yaya Darboe and rest of the March alleged coup plotters.
Every father adores and loves to share private time with his family. The natural love and compassion we all have for our children is unconditional and cannot be explained. The small everyday things of playing, smiling, and walking about with one’s children can never be bought in any market place.
As Muslims, Christians and Animist, we call for the compassionate release of Alieu Jobe and Co by the Gambian government. Recent events in Equatorial Guinea proof that even convicted foreign mercenaries can be pardoned. The case of English born Maan is clear testimony that whatever proofs the Gambian government has against the soldiers and the civilian Alieu Jobe, they can be released unconditionally.
The annual Tobaski Muslim festival is that of celebration, forgiving and pardoning. If the Gambian constitution accords the power of clemency in the office of the President, then using those constitutional or state powers to better use is paramount. Alieu has close family and friends who can impress upon the president to release him, but the significant pity us Gambians have of each other should also come into play in matters like this.
Alieu can be forgiven; Muniru, Yaya and co can all be released to be united with their family and loved ones for this Tobaski 2009. Will the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh utilise his presidential powers to good use on the case of Alieu Jobe and Co? Only time will tell.
I call on all concerned Gambians to add their voice into this proposal, Let Alieu and the rest be free!!!
Suntou Bolonba Touray (aka Alhagie)

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In treason trial Alieu Jobe, Tamsir Jasseh end testimony

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Sunday, July 15, 2007
Alieu Jobe, the former Acting Director of Treasury, yesterday ended his testimony at the ongoing treason trial involving six accused persons in the March 21 foiled coup plot involving three other civilians, Tamsir Jasseh, Omar Faal Keita and Demba Dem at the High Court in Banjul.

According to him, during the five days he spent at the NIA, he was kept in a cell referred to as “Bambadinka”, where he slept in a room without a mosquito net or mattress.
“This place was filthy all over and I was only given a meal once a day which was breakfast. During this time, I was not asked to write a statement but every night the same people would come around me and was I was subjected to torture”, he said.

According to him, on April 14th 2006 at around 10 pm he was collected from his cell at Mile II and taken to the NIA Headquarters where he met Lt Musa Jammeh who took him to the back of the NIA building where he was tortured again.

He added: “I was tortured, detained, beaten and insulted to accept certain issues they put across to me, which I did not have a clue of. These beatings continued for a long time until I complied with what they asked of me. I was then taken to a room where Boto Keita took my statement”, he said.

Mr. Jobe revealed to the court that throughout these periods, he did not set eye on Babou Loum, an independent witness who claimed to have witnessed him recording his statement.

“My lord, during the time I was recording my statement, I was asked to enter a room where the investigation panel was and to my surprise, I saw Corporal Sowe, a video camera operator for the Armed Forces, and Lt Gano, now an ADC to the President seated with Harry Sambou, then Director General of the NIA, Ousman Sonko, Inspector General of Police and the newly promoted Chief of Defence Staff, Lang Tombong Tamba among others,” he continued.

According to him, this happened after March 25th 2006, before he was detained at the NIA Headquarters and the said video was recorded at night. He told the court that amongst them, he recognised nobody from GRTS.
Mr. Jobe admitted knowing Momodou Sanyang, Director General of GRTS, but said he was not present during the recording.

He added: “Musa Bojang did inform me that he went to my house were he met my sister-in-law, Binta Kuyateh, and from where he took my shirt and trousers. During my stay at the NIA, the men who were beating me were led by Lt Musa Jammeh, Ismaila Jammeh, Malick Jammeh, Malick Jatta, Sanna Manjang, Michael Correa, Alieu Jeng and Tumbul Tamba. During this time, I was bleeding through my mouth and nose.

I knew Lt Musa Jammeh and had a relationship with his ex-wife Kaddy Jammeh as I [Jobe] was her former lecturer at the Nusrat Management Campus Training Centre and at the Jollof Tutors.”

Tamsir’s testimony

Meanwhile, Tamsir Jasseh in his testimony told the court that he was detained at the Security Wing of the State Central Prison, at Mile II at cell number 12 and had the chance to see where other accused persons are kept.

He told the court that he first saw Alieu Jobe on April 14, 2006, when he [Jasseh] went to the NIA Headquarters and that a black plastic bag was put over his [Alieu Jobe’s] head.
At the end of their testimony, the accused were cross-examined by DPP Emmanuel Fagbenle, acting Director of Public Prosecution.

Author: Written by Sheriff Janko
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper